Hair Trends For Spring

UPDATE: This post originally ran on March 7th but we are still loving these hair trends for spring so we wanted to share it again!

Our home office is filled to the brim with creative minds that are always on the lookout for the next big thing — and they always happen to find it. This spring, we’ve turned to them to let us in on the top fashion trends, jewelry trends, and nail polish shades… and now I’m back to share one of my favorites of all: hair trends. Here’s what we at Free People are loving for those gorgeous locks of yours this spring.

1. Ponytails. A focus that was once on the top knot has now turned to something a little more flowing and natural. We love ponytails whether they’re up high or down low, sleek and clean or natural and messy… and always with some braids and beads mixed in. We’re especially loving beaded elastic hair ties, which not only look awesome holding together your ponytail, they can be worn as gorgeous bracelets around your wrists, too!

Braid, ponytail

Pictured: 5 Pack Beaded Hair Ties and Shimmer Bead Elastic Hair Trio

2. Widebands. Wider than your average headband, these accessories are the best for keeping all of your hair totally out of your face — and they work no matter what your hair length or type. Our favorite way to style them is to slide them straight down onto the head, just above the eyebrow. Boho, simple, and oh so spring.

Printed wideband

Pictured: Printed Linen Widebands

3. Bobby pins. We are super excited about bobby pins right now — but not just for holding stubborn strands of hair in place. This spring, we love all the different ways we’re seeing girls styling their hair with bobby pins. We’re especially in love with that triangle shape — which, I must admit, definitely takes a bit of practice to perfect. Our Friendship Wrapped Bobby Pins and 4 Pack Of Hair Pins are our go-tos this season.

Triangle bobby pins

Pictured: Friendship Wrapped Bobby Pins

4. Braid ins. When I see braid in, I immediately think festival. Of course these can be worn wherever you may be, but these gorgeous strips of flowered and feathered suede braided effortlessly into hair just seem to go hand-in-hand with dancing barefoot outside to the sounds of the bands who move you, surrounded by your favorite humans. We’re big fans of the Floral Braid Ins, as well as the Eclectic Suede Braid Ins pictured below!

Feather braid in

Feather braid ins

Which of these trends speaks to you the most?

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  1. Claudia, I’ve been after FP for years to do some features on girls with short hair. When they finally do (which has been like once) it’s for girls with shoulder length hair. Really disappointing.

  2. I love these ideas, but I recently chopped off five inches from my hair and now its about collarbone length. Any good ideas for people with shorter hair?

  3. I wore a wideband to school like two months ago. The crap I got for it was unreal, but I seriously loved the look and just ignored them because I knew that I looked good and it was just different than anything they’ve even seen. Now it just makes me so overjoyed they are getting the recognition they deserve

  4. Just when I chopped all my hair cut and went for a pixie…well I can play it up with color! love all of the looks though…<—–<—–{ —–>

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