Inspired By: Domino Kirke

Musician, doula, all around muse… meet Domino Kirke.

The London-born, Williamsburg-based beauty (who bears a striking resemblance to her sister Jemima), inspires us with her passion for two entirely separate careers that she combines seamlessly. One, as a musician who has recently released her EP The Guard, a beautiful collection of delicate melodies and airy vocals. The other, as a doula, who assists mothers with the birthing process.  I love the way she describes these two careers and how they fulfill different spaces in her life. Watch the video below, we hope you’re as inspired by Domino as we are!

domino kirke

domino kirke

For more on Domino visit her website!

Photos by Shervin Lainez, Eleonore Hendricks, and Jody Rogac.


  1. She seems pretty amazing. She also said some very inspiring words. I also grew up with music all around me and art flowing through my vains. I feel like the artist in me is missing and I’ve been trying to find a way to bring it back into my daily life.

  2. Lovebird. You’ve gotten more & more beautiful inside & out. But your laugh has always had that same soulful timber. Lovebird.

  3. I love the Kirke sisters they are both so amazingly talented… And they both have the best style…. And all of their tattoos are so spiritual in nature… They both seem like quite amazing people I’m quite jealous of the person who got to meet her for this post!!!!!

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