Morning White Light

It’s soft and quiet. As you awake, it seeps through windows, greeting you with a bright hello. Eyes gently come to, and the room is lit with morning magic. There is nothing quite like these first few moments of the day. As morning’s white light floods the room, it awakens the body, mind and soul. It refreshes and reminds that today is a new day.

It’s Sunday morning. Tip toe out of bed, stand up straight, and stretch your hands high above your head. Your bones and muscles will thank you later. Take the next hour to relax, and soak up that morning sun. Brew a cup of coffee, find the light, and sip it slow. Get lost in the pages of a book, or simply lay back down and let your thoughts run wild.

There’s something about these morning hours where everything seems to glow. This is my favorite time, and my favorite thing to embrace. The next chance you have to take a few extra moments in the am, allow that white light to inspire and get you ready for the day ahead. Allow it to make you feel alive.

morning bed

things in windowsill

hagning up dress in window

Ella Lace Mini Dress

morning coffee

girl sitting in window

Lace Apron Maxi

reading a book with dog

Viscose Voile Slip

morning mimosa

Winona Slip

girl in window thinking

holding white light

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7 years ago

i do the same thing, lay near my wind with a book. please try it

Ella Wild xoxox
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or :

7 years ago

that cup off coffee looks really good- I may have to stop drinking mine black!

7 years ago

As always, beautiful photos and write up! Makes me wish it was the weekend!
Xx, Tiffany |

7 years ago

Such a Gorgeous Post! I felt myself relax reading those words and looking at those wonderful photos! The early morning is my favorite time to write, when my mind is refreshed and clear from a solid night of sleep, when everyone else is still dreaming, in the quiet and stillness of the early morning hours. In those enchanted hours I love to write.

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

7 years ago

Can’t help feeling relaxed and inspired when reading this. Morning light soothes my tensed mind from time to time. Thank you for reminding me how each morning should be treated, I really love the lovely post. ☼ :)

7 years ago

I woke up super early the other night and I felt exactly the same as you described in your blog post! I find mornings so inspiring when the sun is rising and the birds start so sing. Everyone eout there is having sweet dreams. I made myself a tea and read a book. I did’nt feel that close to myself in ages. I was actually a bit afraid of letting the moment go.

I love your blog! It is so inspiring and calms me for some reason ;) Where did you get this lace dress from?