Office Style

So far this week, I’ve seen quite an eclectic mix of outfits walking in and out of Home Office. I think the turn in weather has everyone feeling very inspired to really step up the game and dress their best. From chic to casual and everything in between, check out the looks below!

cally in trench

Calley looks cool in an all-black look underneath a lightweight trench. This girl’s style never ceases to amaze me.

girl in blanket

I spotted Julia rolling into work in a relaxed, casual outfit. I love how her hair and makeup portrayed the effortless vibe as well. Her lipstick was smeared slightly across her face, giving off the ever-desirable “I woke up like this” look in a beautiful way.

birks and socks

caroline in dress

In her black lace gown and her sequined mini jacket, Caroline proved the point that one can never be too dressed up. I caught her painting her nails while walking from one meeting to another — not a minute to waste down here at the Navy Yard. You can’t tell from the picture, but her black suede platform heels were the icing on the cake! Yes, girl.

painting nails

veronica in hat

I like how Veronica paired her corduroy overalls with a military jacket and a beanie — a lot of cool with a touch of tough!

girl in beanie

bag lady

I love Brigette’s simple layered outfit for a casual day at the office. Just a couple of necklaces and a few hats to top off this transitional springtime look!

brigette in hats

three girls

julia derp

Check out more office style looks we love.

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Hah! I see what you did here…. :)

Hahaha.. April 1st jokes! :)


Still laughing!


oh my god thank you…. i was like ummmm you guys look like crazy people hahahaha you got me!


LOL! Had my blood boiling for a second. Good one.


OK SAME when i saw julia i was like wtf are you kidding me? “effortless” is right.

#aprilfools ;)

APRIL FOOLS! XD Love it guys


Good one JK!

I didn’t realize until I saw the comments and then thought about Julia and Bridgette’s looks…nicely done ladies and thank goodness it was just an APRIL FOOLS joke. Julia you were looking crazy girl!! xoxo

haha you fooled me! I thought aah so great if you work at free people you can go to work in blankets, that must feel just like home. But you confused me with all the hats :)


Wow y’all got me good…

This is hilarious!!!
Ha ha ha!
Love it. I forgot to do an April fools on my blog, dammit!


oh, it’s April fools!! I was like multiple hats…? no, just no.

Bahahaha! Thanks for the laughs. I loved “Her lipstick was smeared slightly across her face, giving off the ever-desirable “I woke up like this” look in a beautiful way.”

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Sweet Pea

OHMYGOD this is great – Yall had me for a hot second…..

Bridgette and Julia look so free! :)


hahahahahha I love julias, I looked at it and was like…wait, I hope they know she REALLY looks like she rolled out of bed.