The Pura Vida Way Of Life

“Eres pura vida.” I’ll never forget hearing that magical phrase said to me by a beautiful boy in the middle of the dance floor; in the middle of the night; in the middle of a tiny Costa Rican town.

Pura Vida literally means pure life, but in Costa Rica, the phrase holds so much more than that. It is, in a sense, a way of life. A way of life where nature is well-loved, peace is abundant, and simplicity is key. This is the Costa Rican way.

There, pura vida is so many things. It’s an expression of happiness, of satisfaction; it’s a greeting, a salutation; a way to say thank you; it’s a way to describe a person who you find to be friendly or easygoing. Pura vida is all around.

I was so lucky to spend a week in Nosara, Costa Rica a couple years ago. A week spent walking around barefoot, doing yoga under the sun, sipping the freshest of juices, trying my hand at surfing, and wracking my brain for every Spanish word I could remember. A week filled with long bike rides, tree-dwelling iguanas, horseback adventures, nighttime bonfires on the beach, and oh so many smiling faces. It was a place where time didn’t matter. Time didn’t even exist. No one was ever in a rush. Everyone was just… well… everyone just was.

Magical walkway

Palms, windows, sunlight

Costa Rica water

Poolside beer

Surf boards

Iguana in tree

Costa Rica plantlife

Costa Rica happiness

Costa Rica town

Costa Rican sunset

When I found out that Free People was partnering with Jet Blue to offer almost the exact same opportunity to ten lucky souls, I could not stop smiling. You guys, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Daily yoga with the incredible Rachel Brathen, surf lessons, healthy & delicious meals, and some gorgeous clothing from our FP Movement collection… it’s almost too good to be true. But it certainly is true.

Do me two favors, my friends:

1. Allow yourself to live the pura vida lifestyle.
2. Enter to win the incredible Pura Vida Getaway. Right now.

Costa Rica palm

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Already entered!! Couldn’t imagine what it would be like!!
Xx, Tiffany |


Entered! I have already started daydreaming about going! What an amazing opportunity this will be for the lucky winners, life changing!


Oh man I had gotten so excited that I didn’t read the rules right away, and actually entered a handful of times. Will they all be disqualified, or just the ones after the original entry??? please tell me I’m still entered.
This is such an incredible dream that I got carried away. No idea what id do if I won. Good luck girls!


I stayed at this exact house only a few weeks ago over my spring break! Such a beautiful, inspiring, and cleansing place!


Sounds like a dream! Ive been dying to see Costa RIca :)

Kelli Martin

Def entered!! I have always dreamed about going to Coasta Rica, to see its Natural pure beauty and the Sloths ofcourse!! This would be an amazing way for my Fiance and I to start a new spiritual journey together and payoff for all of our hard work lately. Thank-you so much for the offer!! Pura Vida~always!! :D


I’m from Costa Rica and it feels so good to know that many people apreciate our country and says so many beautiful things.
I’m in love with those pictures♡ sometimes we dont even notice the beauty and the nature of our country.
Pura Vida (;


Everyday since I entered for the drawing for this beautiful Yogini adventure I have been whispering to the universe….Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Costa Rica