Scenes From The Office

You might recognize the outfits in the above photo from this week’s Office Style.

Since it was April Fools, we thought we would pull a little trick on you guys. Hope you all got a little laugh in! Check out the snaps below for a peek into the rest of the week’s happenings.

flowers on table

Scattered flower petals.

sandals in the air

Decibel Tall Sandal.

marley visit

Marley came to visit the office this week!

flowers on table

people packing

Packing up a surprise!


Pretty desk decor.

jelly beans

I think this is a sign that Easter is near!

caroline in sunglasses

And a shout out to our beautiful intern Caroline for taking some of the above pictures! (Find out how to make the beaded sunglasses in her pocket here.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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