Weekend Snapshot: Festival Edition II

The second round of weekend festival inspiration is filled with prints, fringe and flowers. You dance at festivals, so that means you need to feel free, effortless and comfortable in whatever you wear. I love wearing flowy dresses and slips that move with your every step. Put flowers in your hair, or twirl around with them as you hand them off to strangers and new friends you meet. Festivals are a time of celebration, so make sure you bring along the right things to enjoy every moment.

caroline laying down

1)Knot For You Slip

2) Everything Went West Sandal

3) Dreamweaver Crossbody

4) Paper Braid Wide Brim Hat

5) Metal Upper Armband

6) Bound Crystal Suede Mix Pendant

7) Soft Suede Mix Cuff

8) Innuendo Sunglass

9)  FP X Nipomo Blanket Roll

10) FP Printed Water Tote


holding flowers

What are you wearing this festival season?

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