6 Spa Treatments You Get From A Day On The Beach

With sun-kissed skin, salty hair, and the taste of the ocean still on your tongue, you and your crew pile into the car. Windows down, tunes up, the drive home from a day spent on the beach is nothing short of magical.

What is it about spending a few hours submerged in a land of sand and sea that can just make you feel on top of the world? Surprisingly, treating yourself to a day on the beach bears striking similarities to treating yourself to a day at the spa. Here are six spa-like benefits you may not even realize you’re getting from the beach!

beah spa benefits

Deep exfoliation. Sand is a natural exfoliator – and an incredibly good one at that. To give yourself a treatment, sit by the water’s edge and gently rub some wet sand onto your arms and legs in small, circular motions. Then, rinse off by taking a dip in the ocean! As a bonus, saltwater contains magnesium, which helps your skin retain moisture, leaving it feeling even softer and smoother than ever!

beah spa benefits

Natural highlights. A day spent under the sun will highlight your hair in all the right places — no harsh dyes needed. For more noticeable highlights, you can even bring along a bottle of natural hair lightening spray – our fave!

beah spa benefits

Clear skin. I always find that a day on the beach leaves my face looking clearer than ever. The combination of sun and saltwater can help kill acne-causing bacteria and draw out excess oil from your skin, helping to shrink blemishes quite quickly. If you have naturally dry skin, though, be sure to moisturize your skin throughout the day, as yours may become more aggravated by the sun and sea.

beah spa benefits

Beachy waves. Forget looking to the salon for those just-emerged-from-the-ocean waves. This, my friends, is the real deal. The natural salt in seawater has the magical ability to add beautiful texture and volume to your locks. To avoid dryness, just prep your hair beforehand with a natural deep moisturizer like coconut oil!

beah spa benefits

A healthy glow. There’s no need to spend time under artificial UV light or smother your skin with chemical-filled sunless tanners. The real sun is where it’s at. As long as you protect your skin with a natural sunblock, I personally support that little group of freckles that appears around your nose, or that gorgeous hue of bronze that graces your shoulders after a day spent in the sun.

beah spa benefits

Positive vibes. A day on the beach will surely bring you tons of happiness and peace of mind. In addition to the feelings of freedom and joy that you’d naturally expect to come with a day of leisure, there’s scientific reasoning behind these good vibes. Sunlight produces serotonin in the brain, leaving you with feelings of happiness and well-being, while saltwater helps reduce inflammation of muscles and joints, allowing you to feel totally at ease.

beah spa benefits

Summertime is oh so close. This year, treat yourself to a day at that outdoor spa formerly known as the beach. You deserve it.

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I so wish I lived closer to the beach…It makes me miss Florida..who says you can’t take two trips to the same place in one year, right?!

SO ideal, looking forward to a multitude of beach trips this summer.


Love this post…I swear I could never not live a few minutes from the beach! xx, Tiffany | http://www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com

so true !!! its so sunny in the UK atm, and i am feeling positive everyday!!


Please stop encouraging people to get a tan on purpose. This post is beautiful, and I agree with all of your advice except for that concerning so called “healthy” exposure to the sun. Partial shade is all that is required to produce a healthy level of vitamin D in a human body. There is no such thing as a “healthy glow”. When you tan, you are forcing your skin to alter it’s DNA to become more melanin heavy. Forcing your body to alter its natural state to try and protect you from the sun’s naturally harmful rays is not a… Read more »

Great post! I was just making spa day plans for the weekend.

Gorgeous photos. Even as a native Californian, I still love the beach daily.


Right. Its great to be on beach some times to take sun batch and feel the nature. It can make relax your body and mind.

Really it is a great post about Spa Treatments On The Beach, thanks for sharing