Costa Rica Diary: The Journey Begins

Greetings from Nosara!

The team and I arrived at Villa Cortez Nosara Retreat Center just as night fell on Saturday.  We arrived a few days before everyone else to get the lay of the land and decorate what would be our home for the next week. We were welcomed by our groundskeeper, Alex, who greeted us with whole coconuts, and we drank the water inside as he gave us a tour of our abode. The retreat center is incredible…a true paradise, and one that deserves a feature all of it’s own (stay tuned!).

The first morning I rose early, eager to see my surroundings in daylight. I tiptoed out of our casita, and said hello to paradise. Lush tropical forestry surrounds us, but we are situated just high enough that the ocean peeks out from the tall tree tops, and we can hear the waves in the distance. Howler monkeys swing from limb to limb, and hummingbirds drink the nectar from the yellow and red flowers just beyond our balcony. The beach is a short 5 minute walk down a shady path. We spent our first day lounging in the sand and taking dips in the water every so often to cool down. Afternoons have been a bit rainy, but nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year. Rachel Brathen arrived yesterday, and the team and I enjoyed a nice dinner with her and her fiance as we talked about the coming week. We are all so excited for everyone else to arrive, which is only a few hours away at this point. That is when the trip will really begin…

As I sit and write this, I stop and look around for a moment. Everything that I see in front of me is full of life. It’s land that I have never seen before, but one that feels familiar. Seeing the ocean and hearing the crash of the waves reminds me of trips I used to take with my family. Something about Costa Rica feels like home. Maybe it’s the laid back attitude, or the sand and sea that is just within reach. Whatever it is, there is no place else I’d rather be.

villa cortes

dog in water

coconut in sand


haley on sand


palm trees

feet in sand





bird flying

sea shells




pups playing

playa guinoes

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Already, some great photography into the world of Costa Rica :) I can’t wait for more! Xx, Tiffany |

P A R A D I S E … Anything more to say. Really beautiful, and the pictures help to create a feeling of calm. I really like’d to know how to edit photos to have the same effect than this ones. If someone know, please tell me something! ;) I love this blog!

This blog is such an inspiration!
Anyone know what platform they use? (FP; If you’re able to answer, that’d be amazing!)
I absolutely love everything about it and am looking to switch my site up. :)

Oh how I wish I could go back to Costa Rica. It’s where I learned how to surf 7 years ago. It still looks just as magnificent as I remember. Enjoy your time lovely!

Heavenly! Gotta visit Costa Rica one day :)!


looks amazing! I hope to go back someday…

Wow, this is beautiful! Feels as though I was on the trip, thanks for sharing!

Fellow Blogger,
Priscilla Ivette

Love the photography. Looking forward to traveling here someday.

**blog/photos/musings about my life in Thailand **


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