DIY Spring Doorstop

As the seasons start to change and the air turns warm and fresh, there’s nothing better than letting some of it into your home. Windows slide up and doors prop open, allowing the essence of spring to enter. As the outside comes in, hear the sounds from the streets…feel the breeze from the wind…the natural light shines all around. This spring, I found an easy and decorative way to keep those doors open. I have used bricks and stones as doorstops before, but I always wanted them to fit with the rest of my decor. All you need are a few simple supplies to turn an everyday item into something personalized and practical that can also be used elsewhere throughout your home!


First, acquire some bricks or long stones. I went to Home Depot and bought the three you see above from the garden center. They were less than a dollar each!

brick supplies

Feel free to decorate your bricks however you would like, but here are some of the supplies I used to create mine:

Paint (black, white and silver)


Natural colored twine

Piece of Fabric ( I used a scrap of faux leather I had laying around)

Dried flowers

painting brick

For the first brick, I painted the entire thing first with silver metallic paint. Once it was dry, I painted a triangle design on top using black and white paint. Painting bricks is so simple to do, and you can paint whatever you feel like painting in whatever color palette you like! I’ve been really inspired by metallic colors recently so I kept on with that trend.

wrapped bricks

For the next one, I painted the brick white and allowed it to dry, then simply wrapped some twine around the brick in an overlapping pattern, and tied it off in a knot underneath to keep it in place! Super easy and only takes a few minutes to create :)

leather wrapped

The third brick I decorated took the most time, but I really like the way it came out. I took my faux leather scrap and wrapped it around the bottom half of the brick, leaving a bit of gap a in between the two edges. Using a sharp tool or knife, I created a row of tiny holes down each side of the fabric, but keeping them far enough away from the edge so they wouldn’t rip through.

twine and leather

Next, I cut little pieces of black twine and fed it through one whole, then across to the next. Work your way down until you have threaded all of the holes, then secure the fabric by tying each lace into a tight knot. Once the fabric is in place, I stuck a few dried flowers underneath.

brick by door

finished brick

There you go–three easy decorative doorstops you can create for the Springtime!

by the window

You can also use these bricks as little decorative elements in other spaces throughout your house. I love the way this one looks placed on a windowsill.

incense holder

Try placing it on a desk or dresser as well! Here I created a little stand to set incense on.

door stop

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9 years ago

I really like this idea. does anyone know a small plant that isn’t toxic to animals? i have a dog and a cat.

Ella Wild xoxox
Visit me at :
or :

9 years ago

Wow, I really love this idea. I don’t need a door stop, but I bet there are a thousand ways to use this baby.

9 years ago

I can definitely use this. Door stops are usually not too stylish, this is the perfect twist.

9 years ago

wow what a great idea. I would love to do this for a children’s room with bright colored ribbon

9 years ago

Cool! Really usefull and sweet, I definitely agree with that “door stops are usually not so stylish”. I made my own too! And got one extra chair ’cause the one is not anymore playing a door stop ;) Thanks!