Featured FP Me User: Sage Erickson

I first met Sage almost exactly a year ago, when she stopped by the home office for a little visit. Jana and I got to spend a few hours with the professional surfer, and she left a similar impression on us both – so incredibly sweet and down to earth. The type of girl you instantly feel at ease with, with whom you could spend hours laughing and sharing stories.  At the same time, it’s hard not to be in awe of her – her natural beauty, her insane talent as a surfer, how kind and articulate she is.  We were thrilled to be reunited with Sage at last week’s FP Me Goes Camping event in San Onofre, where she stopped by to give surf lessons and hang out as the sun set.  Get to know a bit more about the inspiring Sage Erickson!

sage erickson free people

How old were you when you started surfing? What inspired you to start?  

I was 11 years old.   My family and I moved to the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii and there wasn’t to much to do besides be in the ocean. My older brother always surfed and was so enthusiastic about how amazing it was. Once i picked up a board and stood up on my first wave,  I was hooked.  I felt completely free in the ocean and that was all it took.

What do you love most about surfing?

I love that it’s my own special place. No matter what I’m going through, spending time out in the ocean is magical. It makes everything ok. I love that it’s never the same.   Every day can be different with the conditions, and I love the  excitement of not knowing what’s next.

What do you find most challenging about surfing?

Surfing in the middle of WINTER anywhere in the world

sage erickson free people

sage erickson free people

How would you describe your personal style?  Do you think that surfing influences your style?  

I would describe my personal style as carefree, culturally inspired, and obnoxious at times ( I like clashing patterns).   Being a professional surfer I’ve been able to spend countless hours in other countries and I love to take a little bit of influence from them all. Loose fitting tops and fun skinny jeans or cut off shorts are my go to! Surfing has totally influenced my style.  I love the effortless touch of the beach lifestyle.

Describe a day in the life of Sage Erickson.

I normally wake up around 6:30am, head over to my local coffee shop in Ventura, and have a chat with the girls. Then I’m off to check the surf.   I typically paddle out for at least an hour. Come home, make lunch – salads.  Catch up on emails and social posts for the day and maybe brain storm a few cool locations I’d like to shoot for fun with my latest vintage finds. After that, I’m off to the gym to do some cardio and make my 3-4pm Pilates class. One last surf rounds off my day before dark and then home bound it is!

sage erickson free people

sage erickson free people

What do you do to keep in shape? Do you have a strict workout routine or diet that you follow?

I try to work out outside of just surfing at least 4 times a week.  It could be anything – running, hiking, Pilates. Surfing involves so much core strength that I’ve found Pilates is a great fit.  I try to eat as close to my blood type as possible. I’m a big fan of that diet regimen as well as organic foods. Going into Summer its a bit harder to eat “clean” because of how many social outings there are! I think balance is key to everything.

What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

“Fall down 7 times, get up 8.” The way I view it, life always seems to be a roller coaster emotionally and physically.  The ones that find their stride over what challenges they think are against them seem to be most successful. Take the curve balls of life and hit them out of the park! Its all a building block towards what you’re destined to become. We are all given some sort of vision in life and it’s our job to work towards that… I guess at this stage mine involves surfing professionally! 

What advice would you give to girls who want to try surfing, as a profession or hobby?

Don’t give up.  Some people make it look so easy but balance and the ocean have a mind of their own! I promise you that surfing will be like nothing you’ve experienced. It’s something that will constantly challenge you – in a good way.

What are your favorite items from our new launch of FP Movement surf product?

Long sleeve One Piece, Sari Beach Towel, Wrap Top, Wave Seeker Boy Bottoms, Rash Guard with Back Pocket

sage erickson free people

sage erickson free people

What is your favorite spot you’ve ever surfed?

My favorite place I’ve ever surfed would be the Mentawais Islands in Indonesia. It’s absolute paradise.

Who or what inspires you the most?

Life inspires me because there’s no text book on how to live it.  Its all an experience – learning and growing each day

sage erickson free people

What does “free” mean to you?

Free to me means open-hearted and ready for whatever comes your way. It’s being excited about life on a daily basis. It’s making the best out of everything. Free is the feeling of no worries and embracing what’s right in front of you. Free is loving and accepting of all! 

sage erickson free people

sage erickson free people

Follow Sage on FP Me, and check her out on Facebook and Instagram!

First and last photo by Willie Kessel.

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8 years ago

SO cool. Love her definition of Free.


becki o
8 years ago

so cool! i actually saw her this morning while getting a coffee at my local starbucks! and i surfed with her once. i regret not saying hi and telling her what an inspiration she is.

you guys are awesome for featuring her!! she seems like such a cool, down-to-earth girl and she rips! and has style! thank you for this blog post!

8 years ago

such a wonderful feature, its so inspiring to see people doing what they really love everyday…

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

8 years ago

She is beautiful, lovely spirit! Followed her on instagram, and I can’t wait to see more adventures xoxo

8 years ago

Hi! We are huge fans at Bead Relief and would love to sponsor you with our charity bracelets and help raise awareness for our amazing causes. Noticed you started following us on Instagram and wanted to reach out. Look forward to hearing from you!!! :)

Ashley Malone
8 years ago

More, oh, more of Sage, please! Collabs w/ her are the best. Love seeing her integrate the surfing and fashion world together!

6 years ago

surf is up in san sebastian :)