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For our recent FP Movement launch we did our Yoga shoot at a local studio called Mama’s Wellness Joint.  The studio, founded by Philly-born Yoga instructor Paige Chapman, is a space where women and families can go for a variety of yoga and wellness classes specifically designed to meet their holistic needs.  There, they can learn about ways to better care fore themselves and their children, and do so in a space that is safe, welcoming, and knowledgeable. We talked with Paige to find out a bit more about what inspired her to open Mama’s Wellness Joint!

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mama's wellness joint

mama's wellness joint

When did you open Mama’s Wellness Joint, and what made you decide to do it?

I opened MWJ in October of 2012 after teaching yoga for over 10 years. After moving back to Philly from New York and California in 2006, I transitioned into teaching Prenatal Yoga and soon after became a Birth Doula. I was so moved with that particular line of work and realized that there was an immense community of mom’s and families that were not being supported. I truly felt like it was my calling to create Mama’s Wellness Joint: a wellness center that would service the whole family through classes, workshops, services, and products.

mama's wellness joint

What inspired the décor of the studio?

Our space was an old antique store for many years. When we first walked in, it was in complete disrepair and friends thought that I was crazy to even entertain the thought of renovating. But I have a background in art and design and grew up around women that would turn nothing into something beautiful. You could see that the space already had amazing architectural details like ionic columns in the studio, incredible moldings, and original decorative door frames. I wanted to keep the space light and fresh, using tones of white and grey. We used salvaged wood and fixtures as much as possible. My own personal style tends to be a mix of old and new…I think that is definitely reflected at Mama’s.

mama's wellness joint

mama's wellness joint

Tell us a little bit about the types of classes you offer.

We offer classes for everyone. ‘Align and Flow’ is for those who have some yoga experience and want more of a strength building practice that is focused on alignment. ‘Revival Flow’ is a really sweaty and vigorous practice. We have gentle classes for those that are looking for more of a relaxing, slow flow, or maybe have an injury that they are dealing with. We also offer restorative yoga that is as nurturing as it gets. I would say that we offer the most Prenatal classes in the city as well as Mommy & Me, Toddler, Kids, and Family Yoga. Lastly, we have a truly wonderful massage therapist, sell local honey and dairy, and other wellness products.

mama's wellness joint

mama's wellness joint

Why is yoga so beneficial to women during pregnancy, and after giving birth?

There are so many reasons to practice yoga during pregnancy. For starters, it is such an intense time of change for a woman – but real life doesn’t usually slow down. The time you have in class is for you and only you. It is probably the only time during the day that you actually pay attention to your breath and mindfully begin to draw inward. These are some of the most important tools that you will need to birth your baby. More benefits include a decreased risk of prenatal depression, improved nausea, back pain, and sleep. It will keep you strong and healthy to prepare you for labor, and keep your stress levels down. Lastly, it’s a wonderful time for women to connect with one another and perhaps create friendships that will last when their babies are born and beyond.

mama's wellness joint

What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about trying yoga or various forms of alternative wellness?

My advice would be to always follow what brings you joy. If you go to a dance, yoga, Tai Chi class, etc. and are uncomfortable, it isn’t for you. But there is always something for everyone and the right teacher makes all the difference. Keep exploring with an open mind. There are so many wonderful practices and healing modalities that are available now. Not only can they improve your physical body, but your overall sense of well-being. To me, that’s what ‘wellness’ is really all about.

mama's wellness joint

What classes would you recommend to someone just getting started?

With someone who is new to yoga, I would say the most important thing would be to take an appropriate class for your level of experience. Don’t just throw yourself into an all levels class where you may end up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or even worse, you could get hurt. Find a gentle or beginners class, even better would be to get a recommendation of a good teacher from someone that you trust. I teach a 4-6 week Beginners Series at MWJ and it is amazing (and gratifying!) to see how much the students progress in such a short amount of time.

mama's wellness joint

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

To always follow my bliss.

What does “free” mean to you?

To me “free” means that you are confident in being as open, honest, and expressive as possible – without any limitations. You’re operating at your full potential and creating the best possible life for yourself in that moment.

Thank you so much Paige! To learn more about the studio and its classes visit Mama’s Wellness Joint online.

If you haven’t yet, check out the video we shot at Mama’s Wellness Joint below!


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Special thank you to our photographer CJ for shooting these photos!

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