Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of May 12–May 18

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April 20–May 20

Self-denial comes into play when Venus is in the last house of your chart, and her skirmishes with three other planets this week are apt to stress that theme, in a subtle or not-so-subtle way. You may be taking care of another person or doing something creative behind the scenes and not yet getting credit. Or you’re not in a very social mood and are craving peace and quiet. Your frame of mind is the focal point now, with Venus’s encounters taking place in your mental/spiritual houses. Your view of the world has been changing—possibly due to a powerful, maybe painful, experience—and you’re looking to the future with hope. Still, there’s some apprehension mixed in with your newfound optimism. Half-conscious desires are stirring and coming into conflict with your already conflicted mindset. Trust your intuition about what you most want, love and value, and be willing to release something or someone that you used to want but will be freer and more true to yourself without. The full moon could mark a relationship turning point that will ultimately serve your growth. Aim for balance, fairness and respect.



May 21–June 20

Mercury meets with several other planets this week, affecting your thoughts and communication. You may need to adjust your thinking or your speech when it comes to matters of intimacy, trust, money, sharing, control, work, health, colleagues and the right way of doing things. It will simply take some extra effort to get on the same page. The good news? Merc syncs up with Mars in your art-and-love sector, facilitating creativity, romance, humor and other means of expressing yourself. You have a direct route to joy and pleasure, but remember that Mars is still retrograde, so major moves aren’t advisable quite yet. Next, your ruling planet clicks with Venus and Uranus in your network zone, helping you connect with friends, professional contacts and other groups. Venus is not having an easy time this week, so everyone’s social life could be a little tricky. But you’re blessed with a silver tongue now to get you through rough spots. The full moon symbolizes that a shift in your work, health or daily routine is necessary. Changing your ways will make you feel better about yourself and/or bring in more money. But you need to have discipline and a plan.



June 21–July 22

This week’s full moon draws your attention to the need for personal fulfillment. Tune into your emotions (easy enough for you sensitive Crabs), and let them guide you to what will make you happy and whole. Romance, creativity, fun, kids, hobbies and pleasure are highlighted. Look into your heart. Let your inner child come out to play. Full moons represent a climax, so a love affair, creative project or other source of fulfillment may reach fruition. Some kind of shift is taking place, and allowing it to happen will further your growth, given that the moon is in a harmonious angle with beneficent Jupiter in your sign. Saturn’s proximity to the moon serves as a reminder that expressing your whole self is something you’ve been working on and need to continue to take seriously. With Venus at the top of your chart, your value is no secret, either at work or in another public arena. But Venus’s current battles with other planets threaten to jeopardize your image in some way. Resist the impulse to curry favor, and scale back ambitious expectations temporarily if you have to.



July 23–August 22

A full moon this week pulls your focus to home, family, feelings, the past, security and your inner life. Something in one or more of these areas may reach a crescendo, heightening your emotions. The need to strike a healthy balance between your private and public selves is apparent now. Saturn is close to the moon, implying that the inner work you’ve been doing in the last year and a half pertains to what’s going on now. You also might complete a domestic project or shift your approach to an ongoing issue concerning family or your living situation. If your emotions boil over, keep in mind that it serves your spirit to honor your internal state and listen to your needs. You’re looking at the world from a different angle lately, and it’s opening up an unpredictable array of possibilities for your future. You know that changes to your work, health or daily routine are necessary and imminent, if not already underway. But it’s difficult to get a handle on how all of this fits together, and the anxiety of that uncertainty could arise now. Talking to friends would be a useful outlet.



August 23–September 22

Mercury is at the top of your chart, getting you thinking about goals and career, and this week, it clicks and clashes with several other planets. Merc’s fortuitous encounter with Mars in your worth house suggests that a drive to strengthen your finances combines well with speaking to your boss, conceiving professional plans or communicating your ambitions. When your ruler crosses swords with Pluto in your fulfillment sector, you may need to adjust your thinking or speech so that your desire for creative fulfillment doesn’t overtake prudent strategy. You may feel passionate about attaining more personal power or contributing something unique, but aren’t able to convey that well to someone in authority. Negativity or self-doubt could also make it more difficult to represent your position well. But talking about your aspirations with someone you trust, and perhaps even partnering with another person on writing a career plan, will help you stay on track. The full moon in your communication sector coaxes you to connect with people and express your feelings to reaffirm that you’re not alone. You’re part of the human tribe—and everyone else is just trying to find their way in life, too.



September 23–October 22

Mercury in your expansion sector is gelling with both Mars in Libra and your ruler Venus this week, so optimism, travel, thinking about the future, curiosity and keeping an open mind can help you to move forward and feel better. Relationship issues are apt to throw off your equilibrium now, with Venus in your one-on-one angle tussling with three other planets. Give people room to be their quirky selves, and keep the channels of communication open. In the last few years, a breakup, people’s unpredictability or someone pulling away has rattled you. At the same time, you’ve been grappling with a family problem, childhood issues, painful memories or a change in your living situation, and you’re undergoing a fundamental psychological shift in relation to that. And for the last several months, you’ve been focused on making progress in the world. But none of this fits together neatly; in fact, it often conflicts, causing tension in your life. A relationship dynamic can accentuate that tension now, so try not to project it onto a specific person, because it has more to do with what’s going on within you.



October 23–November 21

This week’s full moon in Scorpio gives you permission to let your feelings out and put your needs first, but you should also try to balance those feelings and needs with a respect for others. Your emotions are likely to be intense; however, you’d do well to avoid an outburst, which would get you some attention but wouldn’t necessarily give you what you need. You’re at an emotional turning point, and if you can focus on that, you may be able to home in on what needs to shift. If something is ending, don’t hold on. The moon is close to mature Saturn and harmonizing with expansive Jupiter, so accept the critical juncture that you’re at, and sign on for continued personal growth, even if there’s pain involved. Trust that the universe has something sublime in store for you. Given Venus’s battles with three other planets, your work, health or efficiency may suffer now. You’ve been on a roller coaster with your job, habits, diet, fitness, discipline or productivity and your increasingly empowered mindset is not helping you conquer those ups and downs, even though it seems like it should. Adaptability is probably more useful than force at the moment.



November 22–December 21

Amiable Venus is in your happiness zone, so part of you just wants to enjoy yourself. But Venus’s scuffles with other planets don’t make it easy for you this week. Financial pressure, evolving priorities or shifting self-esteem could be the issue when she fights with powerful Pluto in your value house. With high-minded Jupiter in your sharing sector stepping into the fray, someone else’s expectations or an agreement you feel obliged to stick to could pose a problem. And when Venus links up with rebellious Uranus, you may be tempted to satisfy your heart’s desires and not concern yourself too much with the conflicts that could arise as a result. Following your heart is an honest choice, and pursuing your own pleasure is bound to feel liberating. The full moon in your spirituality-and-seclusion house lures your attention away from the busyness of everyday life and calls you to spend some time alone, reflecting and resting. Something from your subconscious may come to light, so seek peace and quiet and tune into yourself on a deeper level. Your psychological growth process and the uncharacteristic seriousness you’ve been privately harboring are tied in with your need for solitude.



December 22–January 19

Tread lightly with family and coworkers this week, because Venus in your roots angle and Mercury in your job zone are both challenging Pluto in Capricorn. With this domineering planet in your sign, the temptation to get into a power struggle is ever present. But you’ll gain more from taking a step back and trying to get some perspective. Upsets in your family and/or home life the last few years have rocked your emotional foundation, and they’re showing you that something needs to change. Uranus wants to liberate you from the hold that the past has on you, so it’s important for you to go along with the feeling of being unsettled. It may seem like others are interfering with your comfort and security or simply spoiling your mood. But focus instead on freeing yourself from an old emotional pattern. The full moon in your network house reminds you of the role you play with others and stresses the importance of considering people’s needs. Your ties to groups may be changing as your objectives change. Continue to improve your level of cooperation, and your relationships will benefit.



January 20–February 18

Flexibility is key this week, as Venus gets into squabbles with three powerful planets. Your thinking and interactions are likely to be thrown off by the resulting tension. It may seem like you’re in a pretty pleasant mood, then people or events come along and disrupt it. Don’t get caught up in that version, because that’s only what’s happening on the surface. Instead, look at several things going on inside you. The deep shift slowly taking place in your psyche. The anger that’s surfacing from your subconscious. Your impetus to grow beyond a stagnant routine, your current responsibilities or your habitual way of tackling things. The revolution in your brain that’s affecting how you think and communicate. All the little things that you’re seeing from a different perspective. Whatever comes up in your head or your encounters this week has everything to do with those internal changes, and making that connection will keep you moving in the right direction. The full moon calls your attention to your life path and may bring a career goal to fruition or change the course of your ambition. A combination of optimism and practical planning will help you steer superbly.



February 19–March 20

Finances, values, possessions, talents and self-esteem are emphasized this week when Venus in your worth house spars with three other planets. With Uranus there the last few years, you’ve experienced ups and downs in one or more of those areas. Now your feeling of wellbeing seems tenuous. Some part of you wants to rebel and be free of material needs, confidence issues and financial constraints. But behind this anarchic impulse lies your increasing consciousness around making a living and a push to align your priorities with your sustenance. You’re in the process of transforming your goals—or you’re realizing that they must evolve out of necessity. You’ve hit a wall with old ambitions, and it’s time to cultivate a network of support for new ones. And you’re also on a quest to fulfill your creative potential and have all the love and happiness you’ve dreamed of. But given Venus’s current struggles, you’re probably feeling unsure of your ability to get what you want. The full moon suggests your faith is being tested, and it’s crucial to get a broader perspective. Getting out of your daily routine will get you out of your own head and rejuvenate your spirit.



March 21–April 19

With Venus in your sign, you’re feeling friendly and in the mood to enjoy life. The law-of-attraction planet helps you to draw in what you want and gives you magnetic appeal with other people. But Venus runs into trouble with three heavyweight planets this week, complicating matters. The theme of last month’s tension is likely to carry over, and you may experience internal or external pressure to figure out what you want. Impatience or anxiety could cause you to pull away from people or make a hasty choice. Your thinking and speech are very lucid now, so take advantage of that. You definitely want to liberate yourself from the predictability of life. But you also feel compelled to make your mark in the world—and that often entails following some sort of prescribed path. Your recent interest in security and roots can also conflict with your urge—literal or figurative—to pull up stakes and set off for parts unknown. On a more basic level, you could have a problem with a parent, boss or someone you live with this week, so remember to use your communication skills.

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Your really good, so dead-on its a little unnerving.
Keep up the good work.

Ella Wild xoxox
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Rylee Bowser
10 years ago

These are scary accurate !

10 years ago

just what i needed to hear to point my heart in the right direction <3

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