Free People Horoscopes By Tracy Allen, Week Of May 19–May 25

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free people horoscopesGEMINI

May 21–June 20

The movements of two planets this week will increase your energy in the coming days. First, Mars turns direct after 11½ weeks retrograde—during which time action got postponed, interests fizzled out, old heartache resurfaced, passion cooled or anger came up, seemingly out of nowhere. Whatever you’ve been fighting internally can now be brought out into the open in an appropriate way. Re-engage your drive like a heat-seeking missile aiming straight at your heart’s desire. The past several weeks have hopefully taught you that you were misdirecting your energy somehow. With the sun entering your sign, you’ll be doubly fired up to express who you are and what you’re after. This is a period of renewal where you’re encouraged to set your intentions for the coming year and act in your own best interest. Even if nothing major transpires this week, you should have a positive feeling that you’re starting to move in a new direction.



free people horoscopesCANCER

June 21–July 22

With Mars resuming forward motion this week, an internal battle from the past 2½ months can begin to find external expression. Anger you repressed in the past has bubbled up, possibly in a disguised form. You may have misdirected emotions that were difficult to identify and accept. Family could have played a role in your discomfort, or you might have found yourself unable to take action on something connected with your living situation. But if you look deep within, you can tap into hidden energy that’s been uncovered while Mars was in retrograde. Something got in your way because it needed to be faced and made into a source of motivation. You’ve been on a journey of personal growth since last summer, and since fall 2012, you’ve also been working on expressing your uniqueness and taking more responsibility for your happiness. Notice how those two things dovetail now, as Jupiter and Saturn work together.



free people horoscopesLEO

July 23–August 22

A shift in your mindset this week signals that Mars is going direct after his 80-day retrograde phase. During that time, your progress in everyday life required more effort. Feeling less driven, you may have paused to examine your motives and goals. When action seems fruitless, we have a chance to question what we’re chasing after and why. Old resentments came to mind, possibly having to do with a sibling. You may have lashed out verbally as a result of displaced anger. The mental stress of the past several weeks will start to release, and this is a good time to contemplate what it’s taught you and how you should proceed. As your passion reignites, think hard about where you’re directing it. What do your instincts tell you about how your communication and self-assertion need to change? With the sun entering your groups zone, teamwork, humanitarianism, socializing and networking will draw your attention in the coming month.



free people horoscopesVIRGO

August 23–September 22

While Mars has been retrograde in your worth house (since March 1), your handling of finances, possessions, talents, personal values and self-esteem has been called into question, with one or more of those areas becoming a source of frustration. Mars turns direct this week, slowly freeing up stuck energy so you can change your approach to the presenting problem. What has been a source of strife lately? Is there a particular goal that no longer seems to merit making it a priority? If you were to channel your energy in accordance with your deepest values, how would you go about doing that? How can you regain some control over your own security? As Jupiter and Saturn sync up, faith in humanity, new goals and your network of support aligns with a mature mindset, honest communication and practical thinking. An optimistic vision of the future, coupled with the ability to formulate a realistic plan, is a winning combo.



free people horoscopesLIBRA

September 23–October 22

It hasn’t been the easiest time for you, with Mars retrograde in your sign since March 1. Thankfully, Mars goes direct this week, which will gradually get you back in the flow of things. You’ve been frustrated by a lack of progress and have stumbled upon old wounds and buried animosity. You probably got angry with yourself, since Mars is the planet of aggression, and it was turned back on itself. So while you may not have been terribly efficient in the outside world, your subconscious was working overtime. Now the pent-up energy will slowly find an outlet, but before that happens, you’d be wise to zero in on the takeaway message of the retrograde and how you can put it to use. Think in terms of passion, rage, heat, ambition and libido. What’s been festering? How have you misdirected your energy? What should you really be going after? In the coming weeks, mobilize yourself to pursue only what serves your growth.



free people horoscopesSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

The retrograde phase of Mars has affected everyone. But he’s been backtracking in your subliminal sector, where it’s especially difficult to consciously access planetary power. Since March 1, you’ve been somewhat uneasy or irritable and have sometimes acted against your own best interest. Old hurt and anger have been stirring in your unconscious, and a past behavior pattern may have been activated. Feeling like you weren’t in the driver’s seat, you may have given up on trying to get somewhere. An internal war between your conscious intentions and your unconscious motives was being waged. With Mars turning direct this week, your will slowly re-engages. Consider your recent frustrations, and contemplate the reappearance of emotions that you previously repressed and displaced. What needs to change so you can assert your energy in a way that empowers you and helps you to attain worthy goals? You have a chance to combine optimistic vision, courage and wisdom with hard work, self-knowledge and a commitment to personal growth now.


free people horoscopesSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Mars’s retrograde in your hopes-and-humanity sector has affected teamwork, socializing, philanthropy, networking and the pursuit of new objectives in the past 11½ weeks, but Mars resumes his forward motion this week and gradually gets back up to speed. But that doesn’t mean you should proceed in precisely the same direction you were aiming in back in December–February. Look for deeper meaning in recent annoyances and discord. Timing has been off between you and other people, and some things were postponed or cancelled. An unresolved conflict likely resurfaced. Whatever frustrations you experienced were meant to teach you something. Think about what conditions have arisen since March 1, and recognize that the present situation cannot be sustained. Change is called for. You’ve been learning about what makes you tick and confronting past failure or self-sabotaging doubt. With Jupiter and Saturn harmonizing now, a mix of optimism and pragmatism helps you piece it all together.


free people horoscopesCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

Mars goes direct at the top of your chart this week after an 80-day retrograde phase that stalled your professional progress or made your public behavior seem misguided. Although you’re no doubt frustrated by recent events and anticipating the release of pent-up energy that Mars’s forward motion promises, before you start charging after the same goals, stop to inquire into their validity. Did you lose your drive to achieve something for a reason? If anger related to your career or your place in the world has come up lately, what might it be trying to tell you? How can you better focus your ambition going forward so it reflects the integrity of your intentions? Fortunately, Jupiter is aligned with your ruler Saturn now, making it much easier to blend a high regard for the people in your life with a quest to find your rightful place in the scheme of things.



free people horoscopesAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

Mars is stationing direct this week, having gone retrograde on March 1—and thereby short-circuiting your attempts to expand your horizons. Your drive to travel, learn, have new experiences, explore possibilities, fight for what you believe in and propel yourself to the top dwindled over the past 80 days, and you grew discouraged by a lack of progress. Maybe you were compelled to revisit an old disagreement, confront a problematic outlook or deal with a wound that has shaped your beliefs. Look at where you’ve been putting your energy lately and ask yourself what your recent frustrations can teach you. As tensions ease and your will re-engages, you’re called to change your modus operandi. You’ll soon be excited into action again, and you have a chance to point your energy in the direction that’s best for you. As Jupiter and Saturn connect, your increasing responsibilities and belief in your work can combine superbly with your maturing ambition and earned success.



free people horoscopesPISCES

February 19–March 20

You’ve been struggling with issues around joint resources, sharing, closeness, sex, trust, jealousy, possessiveness, money or psychological healing since Mars went retrograde in your depth zone on March 1. He’s going direct this week, so slowly you’ll start to feel like there’s an outlet for your bottled-up stress. Instead of looking forward to things naturally getting better, nudge yourself to confront whatever has arisen in the past 80 days. There’s a valuable lesson there that will allow you to move forward on a healthier course. Look at any anger, resentment, hurt, conflict, bad timing, delay or obstruction, and seek its underlying meaning. Why did this go awry? Why didn’t that pan out? What was that fight about? Where is this rage coming from? What is the original source of the pain? As you feel your passion coming back to life, use what you’ve gleaned to channel it more appropriately, knowing now that something has to change.



free people horoscopesARIES

March 21–April 19

Mars finally turns direct this week, gradually permitting you to release the energy that’s been bottle-necked during the last 80 days. You’ll begin to feel more motivated and effective, as your ruling planet gets back up to speed in the coming weeks. As frustrating as the retrograde may have been, it was not without purpose. Think back over this period, and assume that nothing was random. Did you lose interest in someone or something? Did progress in a partnership stall? What anger or pain came up (possibly out of context)? In some area that has to do with relating, balance or interdependence, Mars has been suggesting that you can’t go on like this. Something has to change. Consciously or unconsciously, you’ve been questioning where and how you direct your will and perhaps how you conduct yourself with a particular person. Now Mars will start to mobilize you to proceed in a new way or in a new direction.



free people horoscopesTAURUS

April 20–May 20

With Mars retrograde in your productivity zone since March 1, you’ve probably been frustrated by an inability to get things done. Now that the doer planet is going direct, your sense of efficacy should slowly return, but possibly with a twist. Action related to your job, habits, health or self-improvement of some sort was hampered, and you may have lost your drive to accomplish what you set out to do. Assume that the set of circumstances you were operating under were untenable to begin with and need to now be changed. What should you do differently? Has the frustration of the last 80 days hinted at a lesson you must digest so you can focus your energy more wisely? Channel your efforts into what matters most to you now. With Jupiter and Saturn clicking, a positive attitude can combine well with a commitment to others. Have faith that you can test yourself by offering something meaningful to people.


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My mantra for the week: mobilize yourself to pursue only what serves your growth.
Thanks again!

SPOT on. and I love the quote in the photo at the top

woah creepily true! needed to read this today. go capricorns!

Colour Me Classic


Gemini was spot on!