Movement Mixtape Contest: The Winning Mix!

This mixtape contest was so much fun to listen to! What an amazing variety of songs and new music for my ears.  It’s always so difficult to choose one winner, but thankfully the head of our music committee helped me out with this one :). Read on to listen to the winning mix, submitted by Sage – it just might get you moving!

“These are all songs off my Vinyasa Flow playlist. They each have some pretty awesome instrumental parts and a steady beat that really lets you get into the music/flow. I love that they’re energetic while still calming.” – Sage

When I’m Small by Phantogram
As I Moved On by Blue Foundation
Fall In Love by Phantogram
1940 by The Submarines
Daydream in Blue by I Monster
Let It Be by Blackmill
So This IS Goodbye by William Fitzsimmons
Start Shootin’ by Little People
Film Burn by Yppah


  1. I’m really enjoying this playlist! I don’t know if I would listen to it while working out, but it’s great picks.

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