Octane Coffee Meetup

There’s no better way to learn your way around a new city than to ask the locals themselves. They know the ins and outs, they can rattle off all the must-see places, and they know the right kind of people.

Before we embarked on our trip to Atlanta, we reached out to some local bloggers who could show us the ropes on our first visit to the city. In their emails back, Octane Coffee was the first place mentioned.

We met up with two bloggers – Sarah of Cool Atlanta, and Anna of In Honor of Design. They certainly led us to the right place. Octane Coffee provided the perfect setting for us to sit down and talk. This was a place that I could have spent hours in…natural light flooded through high windows, and the open design made for a relaxing atmosphere.

inside octane coffee

octane coffee lead

coffee treats

coffee and pelegrino

cool dude

drinks inside octane

octane coffee

quiche and drink

rachel writing

hello atlanta

We talked about our home cities, and learned that just like Philly, Atlanta is home to many different neighborhoods, each with its own distinct vibe. Sarah was too kind and put together an amazing welcome kit for us. It was stocked with a handy guide, beer from the local brewery she works at, and other goodies…even a classic Georgia peach! Her blog, Cool Atlanta, is all about finding the little hidden gems within the city. She pointed us towards all the hot spots we had to visit on our trip – it wouldn’t have been the same without her!

cool Atlanta guide

cool atlanta guide

If you are ever in Atlanta, be sure to check out Octane Coffee! And a big thank you to Sarah and Anna for having coffee with us – it was a pleasure meeting you!

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  1. Yay, finally a post on where I live! I’ve never heard of Octane, but I can’t wait to try it out!

  2. Wow, what a perfect feature! We love the pics — can we have permission to re-gram on Insta? We already posted a link to the article on our Twitter and FB page. Thanks so much and we’re glad you loved visiting us!

  3. I love finding cool bloggers from the cities I travel to! Will definitely keep Sarah and Anna on my list for when I hit up Atlanta

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