Photographic Memories: Our New Graphic Tees

A little while back, the Free People home office employees had the opportunity to submit photos to be used as prints on a few of our new graphic tees. Three winners were selected, and the tees are now available online! I love that these tees have such a personal element to them, and I was inspired to find out more about the stories behind the images.


“Hollywood,” March 2013, submitted by Jessica

I love Los Angeles. I lived in Southern CA for 7 years and this was the first time I visited since my move to Philadelphia.  This iconic landmark and city never loses its special place in my heart. I was excited to capture this picture and moment with a few of my closest girlfriends!

The final graphic:

graphic tee

We The Free Starstruck Tank


“Early Morning Fog,” submitted by Becca

This picture was taken in Venice Beach, California in the very early morning of Halloween.  I was going for a stroll with a friend’s dog to get some tea and I saw the dew resting perfectly on the spiderweb – I thought it was beautiful.  

The final graphic:

graphic tee

We The Free Silver Springs Tank


“Outerbanks,” Spring 2013, submitted by Claire

The photo was taken at the Kitty Hawk Dunes, North Carolina last spring. This is one of my favorite couples, my roommate and her boyfriend. They are about to begin a new journey together when they move into their first place in July :).

The final graphic:

graphic tee

We The Free Go The Distance Tee

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9 years ago

That spider web is absolutely breath taking. Nature’s way of showing how beauty and strength come from tiny, unexpected creatures. We can do anything!

9 years ago

“Early Morning Fog” has got to be my favorite! The photo is amazing! I will definitely be purchasing this in the very near future.

9 years ago

I agree; “Early Morning Fog” is lovely and mysterious.

9 years ago

I love that these tanks have a story behind them! So beautiful.

9 years ago

I love waking up with an easy go to outfit and these tanks are wonderful for that!

9 years ago

Wow this is so cool! They’re beautiful! How can more artists contribute to the t-shirt designs?

9 years ago

Everyone’s posted awesome boards in the comments so far… I’m all for the self promotion if it means even more great pinners to follow!
JUST check it