Weekend Snapshot: Yoga

The body awakens as you stretch your limbs. You breathe, inhaling and exhaling, to find the perfect balance of airflow. You change poses from one into the next, and a feeling of warmth moves from the fingertips down to the toes. Your mind is open, and you take this time for yourself… let everything else go. It’s you and your practice, and it’s good for the soul.

1) Vibe Bra

2) Ventura Pant

3) Galloon Lace Racerback

4) Jules Cami

5) LA Nite Tank

6) Tamara Thermal Short

candles lit


zen books


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  1. Beautiful! Looks so serene. Yoga is a great way to open your heart and soul to love, compassion, and awaking to the present moment. Namaste :)

  2. I like to buy Mantra Crop Legging in XS, but it is no longer available. Are you guys bring it back?

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