5 Reasons To Love The Papaya

Papaya was everywhere when I was in Costa Rica. I rarely buy it here in the states because it simply slips my mind, but my trip definitely reminded me how good this fruit is.

From blended up papaya smoothies, to mixed fruit bowls topped with granola, this fruit seemed to be served regularly. The taste is sweet and the texture is smooth, and the red-orange color reminds me of summer in the tropics. My favorite way to eat this fruit is to simply scoop it straight out from the skin with a spoon.Not only does it taste and look good, papaya has many other uses and benefits that can help us in our everyday lives. Read on to learn 5 reasons why we should love this fruit!

Universal Smoothie Ingredient

smoothie ingredient

Papaya is a perfect ingredient for smoothies. It’s texture is soft for easy blending, and the sweet taste combines well with many other ingredients.  A great smoothie recipe that is perfect for spring and summer combines mint, papaya and coconut water. Add in a handful of ice, a cup of coconut water, a few chunks of papaya and a few sprigs of mint to a blender. Puree until you have a smooth consistency. I always like to pour my smoothies over ice to make them extra cold, and you could even add in some coconut rum to this recipe for a fun cocktail!



Papayas have a certain enzyme found in their skin called papain that works as a great exfoliant for ours! This enzyme helps in removing dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. Exfoliating with papaya skin will clear away the dead cells, leaving our skin looking fresh and revitalized. This enzyme will also soften wrinkles and make the skin glow. The best way to go about exfoliating with papaya is to cut off a chunk and slice the skin away from the red-orange inside. When you are in the shower, rub the peel all over you skin, and gently massage it on the face. Let the pulp sit for about 5 minutes before washing off!

Repairs Split Ends 

split ends

The creamy consistency of papaya is perfect for making a hair mask. The proteins and amino acids found in the pulp can make your hair thicker, stronger and healthier. You can help fix your split ends by simply adding more of this fruit into your diet, or by applying it directly to the hair.

Relieves Nausea

papaya in the air

Papayas contain enzymes that aid in digestion and help to balance out the acids in our stomach. They can relieve nausea and help take away the side effects of morning sickness.

Available All Year Round

papaya picture

Papaya is one of the only fruits that is available all year round. It is grown in tropical regions and papaya trees can produce the fruit throughout the year. It is best to buy papayas that are soft to the touch and a red-orange color. It’s important to remember that the beneficial enzymes in papaya weaken as they ripen more, so it’s best to use them within a day of buying.


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7 years ago

They also taste like barf! Woo!

7 years ago

They are good, but most of the papaya grown in the US is a GMO crop. Yuck!

7 years ago

@Mara The only GMO papaya I know of is the Hawaiian papaya, so steer clear of those and stick to organic and you should be good!

7 years ago

don’t forget the Thai green papaya salad Som Tam! So delicious!

7 years ago

The seeds kill parasites! I have a raw papaya and wheat berry curry recipe on my blog!


7 years ago

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