Aqua: A Cure To The Touch

This post comes from our Australia contributor, Miann Scanlan. Follow along with her on Instagram @freepeopleaustralia!

“The cure for everything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.”

I trust you’ve seen this quote by Isak Dinesen superimposed over beautiful images of the ocean across the internet. And I trust the words resonate with you, the same way they do with the endless number of souls who share the message across social media every single day.

You see, that small collective of words holds a spell over me and is the reason I live by the ocean, every morning photographing my undying love for the body of water. Even catching a faint glimpse of the indigo horizon through parting trees is enough to fire up my instinctual senses and cause every cell within my body to yearn for a sweet submerge. If I am away from the water for even a few days, I feel my energy levels deplete and my mood drop – which is why my personal remedy to most ailments in life is literally the ocean.

Dating back to the age of ancient Greeks, Hippocrates placed great faith in the healing powers of the ocean and the marine environment, penning the term Thalassotherapy coming from the Greek “thalassa,” meaning sea, and “therapia,” meaning to heal.

Beyond the immediate calming and tranquilizing effect sea water has once it washes over the skin, it can also help increase your immune system function, improve circulation, and naturally boost the skin’s hydration levels.

This is because the ocean is a rich and boundless reservoir of health. Its bountiful compounds contain vital trace elements, mineral salts, vitamins, amino acids, and tiny living microorganisms which secrete hormonal substances with biological balancing effects that are easily absorbed by our bodies during a swim.

But fear not if you can’t be near the sea, because the next best thing is a sea salt bath at home accompanied by candles and a soundscape of ocean recordings. Let your mind to take you there, soaking the day away as you dance across the surface like a piece of drift wood, blissfully ebbing and flowing with the oceans pulsating and massaging waves.

DIY Sea Salt Detox Bath




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7 years ago

beautiful pictures!

7 years ago

This makes me want to go to the beach!

7 years ago

Well put. Now I know the word for my daily therapy session – thalassotherapy.

7 years ago

Oh these pictures are beautiful !
I want to go surfing, having sand under my feet, relaxing with the sound of the waves…
My dream is to live near the ocean to smell it every morning !!


7 years ago

Totally agree for years the beach has been my love and medicine

Summer Staso
7 years ago

Lovely blog post, simple yet elegant. It’s the simplistic, beautiful things that bring about the best relaxation.

If you don’t mind, your words hit a sensitive spot for me. I am a sophomore in college and I consistently read the free people blog every morning. It has brought even more serenity and peace to my life and encourages me to live in the present. I have so many interests and talents. I love art, I enjoy music, I find peace in writing, and I am always capturing moments with my variety of cameras. In one word I would describe myself as whimsical. I hope to one day work for free people but I was hoping you could lean me in the right direction. As of now, I am simply majoring in things I love and enjoy. I am working on a degree in English and Agriculture with a minor in Education. I would love to be given the opportunity to intern for your company and show my passion for adventure, determination, and love. Free People represents pure beauty and I would love to be apart of that movement. This company has inspired me and so many young women to be themselves and find peace and serenity within the storm. If you could could give me any positive advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

7 years ago

What beautiful pictures! The air and the sound of the sea is tranquilizing- thalassotherapy indeed!

7 years ago

Isak Dinesen was the alias for the danish writer Karen Blixen. She was indeed a very talented spirit. Being a dane just like her, our country is surrounded by so much beautiful sea. I can definitely relate to the quote as well as your feelings towards the sea. Beautiful pictures by the way!