Aromatherapy Headache Cure

We hear it all the time, or we say it ourselves: “Does anyone have an Advil?” It seems that headaches plague too many of us these days. Late nights, computer screens, stress, a stuffy nose – they are all factors that can contribute, but taking a processed remedy isn’t necessarily the best way to deal with it. All around us, nature grows healing herbs that can help alleviate the pain.

aromatherapy headache cure


Often with a headache the mind needs both soothing & awakening. It needs to be opened up allowing air to flow, but then needs to settle and calm at the same time.The following herbal combination is designed to do just that.

Chamomile: Known for its calming and soothing properties. Chamomile helps the mind to rest.

Peppermint & Spearmint: Both mint varieties awaken the mind. They are warming as well as cooling, and are curative for swelling and aches.

Rosewood: Rosewood is made from the wood of a rose as opposed to its flower. It is not known for having major curative powers, but the smell is very up-lifting.

Lavender: Lavender emanates peace, and allows the mind to find a place of soothing.

aromatherapy headache cure


Diffuser: Do yourself a favor and buy a candle diffuser. You can use it to disperse various remedies or just to freshen the air. In the case of a headache, put ten drops of each essential oil in the top portion, and light a tea light underneath. Allow the candle to burn for 15-30 minutes, letting the sent of the wafting oils calm and refresh your mind.

aromatherapy headache cure

aromatherapy headache cure

Bath Bomb: in a light muslin sack, add a scoop of dried chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, and lavender (this version will leave out rosewood, but you can add another version of dried rose if you wish). Close the bag, and drop it into the tub while filling to make an herbal tea soak. You can also add epsom salts and essential oils directly to the water if you wish.

aromatherapy headache cure

Compress: heat a small pot of water over the stove, and pour the hot water into a bowl with ten drops of each essential oil. Soak a clean wash cloth in the water. Take it out, let it cool slightly, and then lay it over you face. You can repeat this several times, allowing the washcloth to rest across your skin a few minutes each time. Enjoy breathing in the scented steam from the towel, and if you wish, simultaneously massage your temples.

aromatherapy headache cure

What natural remedies help cure your headaches? Let us know in the comments!

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I love these ideas, I’m plagued with headaches to migraines on a daily basis and slightly weary at taking so much medication. I’m definitely going to try these methods!

Yes, thank you for this!!! I have been trying to explore more natural remedies so I can stray away from Ibuprofen and the works. Totally trying these.

Great ideas! Thank you!! Definitely going to try these!

Thanks for this, I get headaches often and I’m tired of taking advil!


I suffer from tension headaches daily and i’m always looking for new remedies to try! thank you!


I get frequent migraines and cinnamon tea sometimes stops the headache before it gets too bad. Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce swelling. The caffeine in black cinnamon tea also opens up blood vessels, further helping eliminate the headache.

I’m thankful that I don’t get headaches often, but I find that a hot bath or shower with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap does wonders. Even just a face washing with it can make me feel infinitely better. Peppermint has such an awakening, yet calming quality to it. Thanks for all the suggestions!


Headaches are part of everyday life as a kindergarten teacher. I can count on a tension headache every afternoon! I carry my essential oils in my purse and put peppermint and lavender on my temples. So soothing :) I like young living essential oils for their therapeutic grade. My medicine cabinet makeover is all about natural.

Having the worst headache this afternoon, definitely trying atleast one of these tips!

I am an Acupuncturist, and I must say Acupuncture and herbal medicine are AMAZING at relieving headaches and preventing them. I have had patients come in with terrible headaches and leave pain-free. It’s quite magical, and I am so grateful to share this medicine with everyone.


Almonds also help with headaches. Great source of vitamin e!


I also suffer from awful migraines and never am without excederine (sometimes I have to take up to 3 pills a day just to feel some relief ) but I have been using Badger Headache Soother rub for a few months and let me tell you IT WORKS! It has all the same ingredidents as listed above. Whenever you feel a headache coming on you rub this on your temples,forehead and I swear it works instantly. It has definately helpee me cut back on pill popping. :) I found it at Whole Foods!

I absolutely love that you are recommending EOs. I’ve been using peppermint for my headaches for a few years now and it really helps! I recommend putting a few drops on your wrist and applying it directly to the base of your hairline on your neck. It especially helps when the tension needs a stronger kick.


Love this! If you want to avoid pill poppin’ I’d also suggest looking into some yoga poses and stretches that open up the shoulders and neck. Hare pose is my headache miracle worker :)

These remedies helps you to relax and gives a soothing effect on your boday. Natural remedies like this helps you to cure your problems like headache, migraine etc. To know more about natural remedies connect with our experts at


I wished this worked for me a lot of my headaches are triggered by scents as well though and whenever I get to close to a strong scent even if it’s pleasant I get a terrible headache.

I love using essential oils as a natural cure for headaches and also for relaxation purposes. I also love using palo santo, you would love it =)

Thanks for this, I get headaches often and I’m tired of taking advil!

Had the headache few days back but definitely going to trying atleast one of these tips for sure.. thank you for tips :)

These remedies help you to relax and give a soothing effect on your body. Natural remedies like this help you to cure your problems like a headache, migraine etc. thanx for this blog, very helpful tips:
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It has all the same ingredients as listed above. Whenever you feel a headache coming on you rub this on your temples, forehead and I swear it works instantly. Reach to know more:

Thank you for sharing this. really helpful stuff for us.

Nice idea

thank u for sharing