Breathe Yourself Beautiful

This post comes from our Australia contributor, Miann Scanlan. Follow along with her on Instagram @freepeopleaustralia!

Beyond the endless beauty products, the super foods, the latest workout craze, the spa treatments, the retreats, the natural supplements, the medication, and every other fix under the sun, there is one integral part of life most of us ignore (though it happens to be not only the simplest, but I believe, also the most effective). Breathing.


just breathe

No really, I urge you to. While you’re probably skimming your eyes over these words as fast as possible, between checking emails, checking social media feeds, driving (yikes, be careful!), woofing down your lunch, or yet another activity that doesn’t have your full attention. I ask that you simply give yourself just ten seconds, right now, to just breathe.

Five slow counts in, five slow counts out.

There, doesn’t that feel good? 

Breathing for most people is an unconscious process, largely characterized by its shallowness. But the quality and form of our breathing greatly enhances and communicates a lot about our emotional state.

A lot of the time we ignore the true callings of our body because emotions like stress very cleverly disguise our honest needs and turn them into dishonest actions (for example mindlessly reaching for sugary snacks throughout the day). Some of which include “chew ferociously,” “tap fingers on desk,” “stand up and walk around office really fast, end up at fridge.” Sound familiar?

Coming in to the body and coming in to the breath has unbelievable benefits for something that is so simple and easy to do:

just breathe

Breathing deeply improves cellular regeneration, improving skin tissue firmness and density. Helloooo plump, younger looking skin!

Breathing deeply improves posture. Standing up straight is definitely sexier than slouching. When you engage your full diaphragm your shoulders are automatically drawn back and chin is lifted higher.

Breathing deeply improves digestion. When the stomach receives more oxygen, it operates more efficiently. Extra oxygen also helps burn excess fat.

Breathing deeply improves detoxification. Breathing the goodness in also helps the body release toxins like carbon dioxide from your bloodstream.

Breathing deeply improves moods. Happiness is not only infectious, it’s also extremely becoming.

Find Miann at & instagram @miannscanlan and @freepeopleaustralia.

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6 years ago

great great post! I try to breathe consciously but as you just very well described sometimes I let myself be trapped in the next thing to do…I was reading your words and have almost done that again reading “breathe” but moving on to the next thing. But I’ve decided to stop. I’ve closed my eyes and gave me the time to breathe in breathe out 10 times very slowly. I didn’t feel wonderful, but I did felt something I was trying to ignore all day. An emotion, an injustice about a situation. I suddenly was so aware about something I’ve thought all day without conclusions. I’m going clear that now, thanks to you, because you’ve ask me to breathe :)

6 years ago

Great reminder. Oxygen plays a pivotal role in healing. Which is why I always try to focus on breathing when things get stressful. Especially while driving.

the little lion girl

6 years ago

breathing is so important which is why practicing yoga, for me, is so awakening. I try my best to focus on breathing while I work, which is difficult at times but the reward is great when I make it work. such an easy way to feel refreshed and more focused! xo

6 years ago

You’re right. We need to take more time to breathe. It’s so important to feel good.
I breathe deeply when I’m in a stressful situation. It also helps me when I have to focus of important things at work.
Thanks for remind us all the benefits.


6 years ago

No matter how many of these I read, I still find them inspirational, and a nice little reminder to do little things; like breathe.


6 years ago

That’s right. I never pay attention to how I breathe. Great reminder. Oxygen is very important for our body and brain, especially when we work out.

6 years ago

Awesome post! What a great reminder. In a world that’s so hectic sometimes we forget the little important things we can do to improve our lives.

6 years ago

Such a great post. We all need a nice reminded to just breath.

6 years ago

Good site you have got here.. It’s hard to find good quality writing like yours nowadays.
I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

8 months ago

Only the right efforts over time will help you to cultivate that decay. Keep Breathing, Until the last Breathe of life! -Just Breathing