DIY American Flag Converse

Not only is the 4th of July quickly approaching, but with the World Cup underway, patriotism is in the air. We’ve done many American flag-themed DIYs on the blog, but there is one we had yet to tackle: the American Flag Converse.

A pair of white Converse sneakers might already be sitting in many of our closets. This classic shoe goes with everything, and it also leaves a blank canvas that can be transformed into anything your heart desires. All you need is paint and a few other supplies! Here’s how I turned my Converse into Americana kicks that are perfect for the summer time…

american flag converse and tree

white converse

What You Need:

White Converse

Fabric Paint


Masking Tape or Painters Tape

Star Stickers

*Before you start, take out the laces in the shoes.

tape on converse

Step One:

Mark out your stripes with some masking tape or painters tape. The tape will protect any parts that you want left white.

red paint on shoe

Step Two: 

Once you have your tape laid out, take the red paint and begin painting the stripes. I mixed a little black into the red before starting to make a deeper hue. After all your stripes are painted, wait until the paint is completely dry before removing the tape to reveal the white stripes.

stars on shoes

Step Three: 

Now it’s time for the stars! To make this easy, using star stickers is the best way to get a clean shape. I picked up a pack from the Dollar Store that included a variety of sizes. Place your star stickers down the length of the tongue in whatever order you wish.

painting stars

Step Four:

Once you have all the stickers firmly placed, take some navy blue paint and paint over the stickers. After the blue paint is dry, remove the stickers to reveal the white stars. If you missed any spots, you can go back and fill them in with some more paint. Make sure all of the paint is dry before lacing the shoes back up.

converse on tree

To get more of a worn in look, you can take a small piece of sandpaper and gently buff it over the paint.

american flag converse

It’s okay if some of the stripes aren’t fully filled in or some of the white is showing through. Little imperfections make for a nice, hand-touched look :)

converse on wall

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9 years ago

These look INCREDIBLE.

9 years ago
9 years ago

These are amazing. If I did not already have the Free People flag Converse from last year, I would so make these.

9 years ago

This is awesome!!!!

9 years ago

This is a great idea and it could be done for so many different patterns!!

9 years ago

So coool.

9 years ago

Seriously perfect for summer + the 4th!

8 years ago

Converse is coming up with something similar every spring, they are a nice option for the 4th of July bbq