DIY Fresh Flower Wreath

I had a moment of true happiness. Freshly cut wildflowers in one hand, sheers in the other. My dog sitting a few paces away, and the cool breeze of upstate New York blowing loose strands of hair softly across my face. In the background, sounds of wood chopping, birdsong, and a bubbling stream.



I set out to make a flower wreath using wild and beautiful buds growing on my parent’s property. I wanted to be nowhere else, doing nothing else, and surrounded by nothing else.

Creating and making things with your own two hands feeds the soul. Throw in nature and wide open spaces, and the deal is done. I’ll walk you through the steps of creating this wreath for yourself, but don’t feel like you have to replicate it exactly. Search around you for what is beautiful and naturally growing. Snag yourself a few stems and create something that celebrates their beauty. The important thing is to get your hands busy & and to enjoy a bit of what nature has to offer. This time of year is so beautiful. Let it fill you with happiness.



*   Twig wreath base (I picked mine up at AC Moore)
*   Flower wire
*   Green flower tape
*   Spray adhesive
*   Preserved moss
*   Freshly cut wildflowers
*   Three large focal point flowers (mine are white peonies)
*   Ribbon
*   Small flower shears
*   Wire cutters


flowers and cutter

1. Cut wildflowers down to single stems all roughly the same length.


2. Separate wildflowers by type and color to make them easier to work with.


3. Without attaching anything, roughly place the flowers around your wreath where you want them to go. Leave a good amount of wildflowers left over as extra, so that you can use them to fill in at the end. Don’t worry too much about remembering exactly where each flower goes, this is more so that you can get a sense of what colors you want where.

holding flowers

leaves on wreath

4. Once you have everything laid out, work in sections & pick up groups of flowers that go together, and tape around their stems with the green flower tape. Then, put the flowers back in place where you wanted them. Attach to the wreath by weaving stems into the twigs, and using wire to affix.

pretty wreath

5. Once you’ve firmly attached each group of flowers, look for open spaces. Weave in single wildflowers or fill gaps with pieces of preserved moss. I attached the moss with spray adhesive to hold it in place.

wildflower wreath

6. When you’re happy with how your wreath looks, tie a ribbon to the top, and you’re done!

Check out Naomi’s blog Numie Abbot.

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9 years ago

Such a beautiful and peaceful DIY. I might have to do this on my weekend off next Wednesday and Thursday

9 years ago

great idea! love your creation!!

9 years ago

Above idea is very great.

9 years ago

Ohhh lovely! I bet it looks stunning dried!

9 years ago

I loved this so much! I had to share with my blog readers too. So pretty and thanks for taking the time to write an easy to follow floral wreath tutorial.