DIY Hemp Beaded Macramé Light Fixture

There’s nothing like a hanging light bulb to up the ante on how awesome a space is – and this hemp beaded macramé hanging takes it to the very next level.

It’s not hard to make, and it looks incredible. Its raw materials and neutral color palette are especially perfect for the summertime.

First, you need the actual light fixture. I went to my hardware store and got a vintage-style bulb, a bulb base with a pull chain, and then a light-hanging kit that came with a very long wire and an equally long chain.

light chain

To be honest, putting this part together may have been more complicated and time consuming than making the actual macramé portion – and it really wasn’t difficult at all. Now for the fun part!



Hemp and jute (or just one of the two)

Wooden beads

Metal ring, about 7.5 inches in diameter (I found this at a craft store near the dreamcatcher-making materials)


1. First, cut 5 pieces of hemp, about 8.5 feet each. Yes, feet. You need more than you think! This ends up making a finished product that’s about 32 inches long. You can alter the hemp length according to how long you’d like yours to be. Then, cut a piece of jute about the same length.


2. Tie the jute to your metal ring, and tightly wrap and wrap and wrap until all the metal is covered. Then tie a knot to secure. This part is a bit tedious, but just put on some great music and jam out. It’ll probably only take you 10 minutes total.

jute rings

3. Next, gather all of your hemp, lining up the ends. Fold in half, and tie a knot to create a loop.

jute loop

4. Spread it out so you can see each piece. Then, pair off each piece with another, and tie them into knots about one inch from the top. I just used standard knots to keep it simple, but you can do whatever you like!

5. Do this again another inch down, but this time use one piece from one pair, and one piece from the pair next to it. Start adding beads before the knots if you’d like!

beaded jute

6. When you get to the end, pair the last piece with the first piece, so now everything is connected.

beads on jute

7. Find a place to hang this up. Even if it isn’t where you’ll be displaying the finished product, having it hung makes the process much easier.

8. Tie each pair to your ring, spacing them apart evenly. The tricky part here is doing this so that the ring is level, hanging parallel to the ground.

light and beads

9. Do one more knotted pair-off beneath the ring. Let the rest of the hemp hang down, and add more beads and knots if you’d like.

Beaded macrame hanging

10.  Squeeze your light bulb through the top of your macramé piece, and find a place to hang your whole fixture. All finished!

Hemp macrame light

Just keep an eye on this whenever you have the light on — you want to make sure the bulb doesn’t come in contact with the hemp.

Easy, right? Now go make one of these babies for yourself! :)

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9 years ago

Love it, definitely going to try this!

9 years ago

Love this! Can’t wait to make it!

9 years ago

Love it!!! can’t wait to try it out

9 years ago

how prettyy! one of the best diy :D

9 years ago

Looks awesome! Yeah, I’m also concerned about the hemp with the bulb on.