Fashion Essential: The Easy Tee

I can always count on them.When I go to bed, when I go to work, on the weekend, or on an adventure…my favorite tees are always there to help me out. With a closet full of clothes, and options to last a lifetime…I always seem to end up wearing one of my staple tees 9 times out of 10. They’re not just any tees though…they have that Free People touch. That touch is what makes me love Free People so much, and it’s that feeling I get when I throw on one of these t-shirts. It’s a comfortable feeling. Not just because of the soft materials, but because I know I will feel good, feel light, and feel confident. I think when it comes to style, this is the most important thing. The outfit doesn’t have to be extravagant, or have 100 layers, all it needs is the person wearing it to own it. Looking effortless comes naturally when your completely comfortable, and that’s how I feel when I’m wearing one of my favorite easy tees.

Whether it’s with a good pair of denim or even a pair of undies, here are a few of my favorite styles that I can’t stop wearing.

tees on madisyn

Destroyed Tommy Tee

hole shirt

Perfectly destructed with a casual fit, the Destroyed Tommy Tee is one of those shirts that makes you feel a little bad ass. It’s got that worn in look that goes perfectly with a pair of boyfriend jeans. The holes throughout reveal the tiniest bits of skin and even though it’s a t-shirt, you feel subtly sexy and girly.

grey hole shirt

LA Livin Revival Tee

revival tee

I’ve never been one to wear too much color, but I bought the LA Living Revival Tee in the blueberry color and I think it was the best decision I’ve made in a while. This is the perfect summer tee. The blue color heightens the look of a tan, and the high slit sides give it a fun shape. I love styling this with a pair of white or black pants, and giving it a little messy tuck in the front. I realized after wearing it three times one week that I needed to buy it in the black as well (also a good decision).

revival tee

We The Free Essential Tee

pulling tee off

This tee right here might make you reconsider what soft means. The We The Free Essential Tee is just that…essential. With a slightly over-sized fit and extremely soft fabric, this is one of those tees that is always good to have laying around if you need to quickly throw together an outfit.

tees on rack

We The Free Fly Away Tee

we the free tee

Last but not least, the We The Free Fly Away Tee is my most recent purchase, and I wouldn’t be lying if I said I would wear this shirt 24/7. It’s almost like a combination of all my above favorites…comfy, soft, has a hint of color, and one that makes me feel good…every single time I wear it.

tee in the flowers

Visit the Tee Shop. Which tee is your favorite?

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6 years ago

Yes!! I have been wearing pretty much only t-shirts when I’m running around this summer. Maybe they’re not as cool as these free people tops haha but same sort of feeling when I wear them :)

6 years ago

Love these, Looks so comfy!

6 years ago

Okay, so I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jana before- I’ve seen the other bloggers, especially Brigette a lot- and I must say, you’re a babe.

Also, as a tee shirt lover/horder, I loved this post.

6 years ago

I’m in love with the we are free essential tee *heart eye emoticon*