Featured FP Me User: Marissa Borovay

We first met Marissa during a FP Me shoot in Los Angeles. Her bright smile and joyous personality had us hooked on her instantly. When Marissa stepped in front of the camera she had a glow – her comfort in her own skin showed as she moved effortlessly, and her beauty truly shined from the inside out.

As we prepared to cast for the “Heart of it All”  shoot, amongst the sea of professional models, Marissa’s face was one that kept popping into our minds. We immediately called her, and she was in traveling in France but was returning just in time to fly straight to Ohio to join us. Marissa was fired up and excited to travel and be a part of a Free People production. It makes us to happy to see the growth in the FP Me community; the relationships we are able make, the inspiration we receive, the events we host, and the new doors of opportunity created. The moments like this, when we are truly able to connect customers to the brand, bring the biggest smiles to our faces. Take a peek into Marissa’s life and journey with the FP Me community below!

fp me style inspiration

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fp me style inspiration

Where are you from?  How did where you grew up shape the person that you are?

I grew up in Redondo Beach.  It was always easy access to downtown Los Angeles, the beach, the mountains, and the desert.  I am grateful for the variety and like to go all over the place. It keeps me wanting to see more.

How would you describe your personal style?  Any icons you look up to?

I think my style changes a lot, from wearing dark, tight clothing to light layers.  Right now I really like seamless tops and dresses.  My style always involves very tall, dark boots.

fp me style inspiration

Get The Look: Fringe Suede Jacket, Cascades Of Ruffles Tunic, Sutton Zip Mid Boot

fp me style inspiration

fp me style inspiration

How do you spend most of your days?

I spend down time watching movies with my sisters and my friends.  I also spend a lot of time drawing and reading, and sometimes I go hiking.

Three things you can’t live without?

Travel, romance, and food.  All three are the best combination.

What music are you listening to now?

I like to listen to older music and the blues.  I am a big fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, Kathi McDonald, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash.

fp me style inspiration

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fp me style inspiration

fp me style inspiration

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Where do you find your greatest inspiration?

I like to find inspiration through great movie characters, like Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted, Natalie Portman in Garden State, and Patricia Arquette in True Romance.  I also like to browse through Free People’s Pinterest boards for inspiration on travel,decorations, and clothing!

How was your experience being a part of a free people production?

It was absolutely amazing.  I was excited every day to work with everyone.  All the people involved created this beautiful, bohemian, and friendly atmosphere.  I loved everyone I met and worked with; it was an experience I will never forget!

What was your favorite moment from your trip to Ohio?

I have two favorite moments!  One favorite moment was the last night, when we were shooting fireworks and dancing by the bonfire with the whole crew.  The other moment was my decision to jump on the back of a man’s motorcycle for a ride down the highway.

fp me style inspiration

fp me style inspiration

Get The Look: Open Side Romper, Tattered Flag Scarf

fp me style inspiration

Where is your favorite place you have traveled?

Scotland is my favorite place.  I love the city of Edinburgh – I love the highlands.  I cannot wait to go back.  It was incredible!

If you had one plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would go to Italy! I have never been and it’s next on my list.  Once I finished there, I would hit the ground running all around Europe.

fp me style inspiration

Get The Look: Bell Trapeze Cami, Oil Stained Destroyed Boyfriend Jean

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fp me style inspiration

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fp me style inspiration

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7 years ago

I seriously love free people clothing but its so expensive for just one item!.

http://www.thisismyperception.com – check out my site full of quotes, yoga, health and photography posts!

7 years ago

She is beautiful! Kudos to you for featuring her!

7 years ago

AHHHHHH!!!!! great job featuring marissa!!! i also was on that first shoot you met her at in la, walked up to you all and was like ummm marissa??? i’ve known this girl when she was little (well we were both much smaller haha) at a summer camp!! i was years older so i started working there and she was still a camper, and i told her at the shoot that my boss constantly talked about how incredibly beautiful she was going to be. I mean she was already beautiful as a child but my boss used to say “I want to look like her when i grow up” ;) what a beautiful person inside and out to feature!!! so glad you saw so much potential in her when you first saw her in february and you should continue to use her in your shoots ;) she is such the epitome of a free people girl :) yey marissa!!!!

7 years ago

Beautiful and free soul! She is stunning and the images are completely and organically uplifting.

7 years ago

she is amazing!
I love the musicians she likes and her inspirations!

7 years ago

Wow! She’s stunning. Love the images and the dress she wore. Awesome inspiration indeed!

4 years ago

Hello! I was just wondering who I would chat with about a possible feature? I have been doing a self portrait series around the world in one of your dresses and would love if you could take a look. My Instagram is @thepaperdeerphotography & the series is under the has tag #aroundtheworldinherpinkdress

Best wishes!

Jayme Ford