FP Me User We Love: The Urban Nomad

Michelle Collins, aka The Urban Nomad, has a presence that is striking. She’s got a style that is sometimes too cool to touch, and she’s the type of girl that you immediately notice when she walks into a room. A little tomboy plus a bit of bohemian, Michelle can put together looks that I wish I owned. I’ve had the opportunity to work with this gal a few times in the past year, and each time I run into her again she inspires me that much more. She’s been one of our most loyal FP Me users, and you might recognize her from the most recent FP Me Montauk shoot that was up on the blog. She has an ease in front of the camera that makes any photographer’s job easy. I always have so much fun taking pictures of this girl! Get to know a little bit more about her below, and be inspired by her ever impressing style!

michelle la nite tank

LA Nite Tank

How did you first get involved with FP Me?

I first got involved with  FP Me a little under a year ago, for their FP Me Loves NYC event. We had to shoot the LA Nite tank in our favorite part of the city.

michelle in the city

Cool Girl Kaftan

michelle in grey tee

The Keep Me Tee

I’ve had the opportunity to work with you a few times at certain FP Me events, and I always have so much fun taking pictures of you. Do you have any advice on how to be comfortable in front of the camera when taking FP Me pics?

I would say to just be yourself. When you force it, it shows in your face and body; but if you just take a deep breath and have fun, it comes naturally.

michelle in park

We The Free Circle In The Sand Tee, Mantra Printed Flare

michelle and group of girls

You were recently a part of the FP Me Montauk shoot… What was your favorite part?

I loved hanging out with everyone, but I would have to stay that my favorite part was the beaches. They were so breathtaking.

michelle in montauk

michelle on beach

Tying The Knot DressDip Dye Leather Tote

What inspired you to start your blog, The Urban Nomad?

I wanted to showcase my love for the unsung heroes (fashion, music, and art) that I felt other people should know about and were often overlooked. It began to morph into what it is today: a little indie e-zine of sorts. I’m excited for the opportunities that are opening up for it in the near future.

jeans and shirt

michelle on rock in montauk

The Keep Me TeeTKO Tap ShortRaw Hem Denim Cutoff

If you could describe your personal style in three words, what would they be?

Bohemian, Rocker, & a little Street sprinkled in.

michelle on couch

Cross Me Pant, We The Free Barcelona Tee

michelle in grey tee

The Keep Me Tee, Low Rise Relaxed Skinny

I’ve learned that you are a vegan…what made you transition to this type of eating? Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about switching over?

I became vegan for health reasons. I decided to listen to my body better and  pursue a plant-based diet. I saw the rewards of it very quickly. I would tell anyone switching over to take their time with the process.

michelle in montauk

Smocked Crop TopLow Rise Relaxed Skinny

Do you have any favorite vegan spots in the city that we should try?

I love Blossom & Terri’s (Chelsea), Champs (Brooklyn) and Atlas (LES).

michelle at home office

Embroidered Fable Dress

michelle and yoga

FP ONE Smocked Bike Shorts, Speckled Slouch Tall Sock, Nani Tee

What inspires you the most?

I’m inspired the most by words. It can be a poem, story or even a song. I love how a word can stand alone and could mean anything, but put together with other words you can have a statement or declaration of love.

michelle tattoo

What does being ‘free’ mean to you.

Being free to me means not being afraid of who I am and walking in that role no matter how it looks. When I stopped listening to other people’s voices and started listening to my own it was such a blessing!

michelle on steps

Be sure to follow Michelle on FP Me, Instagram and her blog, The Urban Nomad!

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9 years ago

I’m in love with this post. We’re just drawn to some things and this post is quite inspirational. Killer job.

9 years ago

Michelle is insanely lovely! She is not only beautiful and has killer style (she should just model for FP full-time!), but even more so, she is very sweet and genuine. We have become good friends through FPme and she adds something so different from everybody else that I can’t quite put my finger on!


9 years ago

Love it!!

9 years ago

She looks stunning in that Embroidered Fable Dress.

I love that she says, “when I stopped listening to other people’s voices and started listening to my own it was such a blessing!” I’m currently following that guideline and find that it has been truly liberating, freeing.

9 years ago

What a breathtaking woman. Thank you for featuring her.

9 years ago

She is unreal. Actually SO stunning.


9 years ago

Love love love Michelle!!

9 years ago

Awe Michelle! I met Michelle interning at Black Frame and she is the sweetest ever! Beautiful inside and out. My snack buddy! :)

9 years ago

Oh she is so gorgeous!! I particularly love that first photograph, beautiful!



9 years ago

Wow, stunning girl! Love her!