Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of June 2–8

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free people horoscopesGEMINI

May 21–June 20

With the sun in Gemini forming uncomfortable angles with a couple of heavyweight planets and your ruler Mercury going retrograde, your best strategy for the week is flexibility. At some point, the reality of partnership, mutual agreements, sharing, money, work, responsibilities, busyness or health could cramp your style, so be prepared to make an adjustment or two. The sun is jibing with Uranus in your group zone, however, implying that spontaneous socializing will boost your energy and your mood. Mercury begins its backtracking phase in your worth zone, calling for you to guard against ill-advised expenditures, reorganize your finances, reexamine your priorities, rethink how you make a living or contemplate the connection between your values, your confidence and how you deal with money.



free people horoscopesCANCER

June 21–July 22

This week involves several ups and downs with the planets that are subtle enough you may not notice them. Try to note the adjustments you can make to smooth out the rough spots, and also try to take advantage of the opportunities hidden within the periods of ease. Socialize to lift your spirits, work behind the scenes to make progress on a goal and take a moment to savor a meaningful connection you share with someone in particular. Mental Mercury will be backtracking in Cancer for ten days, starting on Saturday. During that time, you’ll have a chance to reflect on something about yourself and how you come across to others. Sit with the feeling of being misunderstood, and muse on what you can do about it.



free people horoscopesLEO

July 23–August 22

Friendships, socializing, networking or new goals could come into conflict with one or more of the following this week when your ruler the sun clashes with powerful Pluto in your efficiency zone and stern Saturn in your home angle: your job, health, responsibilities, busyness, family, mood, domestic duties, caretaking and the past. Changing your attitude or your schedule can help you ride out discord. The sun is gelling with liberating Uranus in your expansion sector, so travel or an adventure of some sort—especially if it’s spontaneous and includes other people—is bound to improve your spirits. As Mercury turns retrograde, your mind may drift to a loss. Tune into what’s stirring inside you, even if it doesn’t feel positive and future-oriented. There are points in life’s cycles when you’re meant to pause and reflect.



free people horoscopesVIRGO

August 23–September 22

Be mindful of the impression you make with higher-ups or in public this week, as the sun at the top of your chart is wrestling with domineering Pluto in your self-expression house and authoritative Saturn in your communication zone. Taking your point of view too seriously or a passion for conveying your individualism could cause problems. Someone close to you can offer useful insight if you confide in them. It won’t be easy to match your finances with your desire for freedom and adventure now. But love, creative vision and personal pleasure are favored by Venus’s meetings with planets in your relationship and fulfillment houses. With Mercury turning retrograde, misunderstandings with friends are possible. Use this time to rethink a goal or review your support network.



free people horoscopesLIBRA

September 23–October 22

With a disconnect between your ruling planet Venus and Mars in Libra this week, it may be difficult to coordinate your own efforts with what you want from someone else. But don’t pull away, because Venus is also forming harmonious angles to Neptune and Pluto, potentially deepening a relationship or enhancing the benefits of a partnership. Right now especially, love can be transformative, trust can be healing, sharing can be productive and closeness can be comforting. A desire to help someone (or let yourself be helped by someone) and a feeling of being at home with them will indicate that you’re on the right track this week. With Mercury going retrograde in your ambition angle, mind your words with authority figures and start rethinking goals.



free people horoscopesSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

Control issues could pose a problem this week when the sun in your sharing house tangles with domineering Pluto in your communication zone and authoritative Saturn in your sign. Adapt to the situation rather than trying to force matters, or you might unintentionally come on too strong, especially with aggressive Mars hiding out in your subliminal sector. The combination of Pluto empowering your mindset and Saturn getting you to take yourself more seriously has also been contributing to the strong impression you’ve been making lately. Deep understanding is entirely possible when Venus and Pluto make nice at week’s end, so don’t close yourself off. With Mercury going retrograde in your exploration zone, you’ll be revisiting a belief or a place, relearning something or reconsidering the future.



free people horoscopesSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Relationships may be a little tricky this week, with the sun in your one-on-one angle quarreling with heavyweight planets Saturn and Pluto. But if you can get past any tension that arises, impromptu fun with a good friend or romance with your significant other are two possibilities when the sun meshes with Uranus in your joy sector. Group dynamics are also likely to trip you up, so don’t try to get more than one person to agree with you on anything. You might enjoy spending time at home or with family, and fulfilling work will be another potential source of pleasure. Mercury is going retrograde now, so revisit a research project, review debt or investigate a resource you overlooked.




free people horoscopesCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

Your efficiency or your rapport with colleagues may be a bit off this week, with the sun in your work sector forming an uncomfortable angle with Pluto in Capricorn. Be ready and willing to tweak your modus operandi or your schedule and to cede some control. The trick with this particular aspect between two planets is to adjust, adjust, adjust. Happily for you, Venus and Pluto are clicking later in the week, so love, fun, creativity, humor and sports will be a satisfying outlet, and you can channel lots of energy into simply expressing yourself and having a good time. As Mercury turns retrograde in your others angle, you may find yourself rethinking a relationship or reconnecting with someone from the past.



free people horoscopesAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

Spontaneity, speaking up and thinking outside the box will help you enjoy yourself this week, when the sun in your fulfillment house syncs with Uranus in your cognition-and-communication sector. A positive opportunity may fly under the radar, so be on the lookout for innovative routes to love, happiness and fun. The sun is quarreling with heavy-duty planets in your subconscious and authority zones, meaning your pleasure could be thwarted by internal or external factors if you’re too rigid. Going with the flow will certainly help. Mercury is turning retrograde in your routine sector—learn to laugh at things not going according to plan. This is a good time to reorganize your schedule, rethink your diet or review your work habits.



free people horoscopesPISCES

February 19–March 20

Artistic, amiable Venus is clicking with dreamy Neptune in Pisces this week, potentially increasing the flow of creativity and love for you. Mars is in your intimacy house and out of sync with Venus, so one-on-one closeness is apt to be challenging. But you should be able to express yourself well with friends or colleagues, making this a good time for a group presentation. You could also make a professional contact at a social occasion or convey a goal with passion to someone who has the power to help you. Noticing beauty in your everyday surroundings is another way to make this a positive week. With Mercury going retrograde, a detour in your love life or your creativity is possible.




free people horoscopesARIES

March 21–April 19

Travel, social contact, learning, saying what you think, writing and being active in your neighborhood are all potential sources of positive energy this week, given the effervescent sun’s meeting with liberating Uranus in your sign. It’s difficult to know what to make of a close relationship and your career path at the moment. If you are pondering those subjects, try out different points of view instead of boring deeper down in the same direction to get to a place of understanding. You could have a conflict with someone over values, money or priorities, and it won’t be easy to get on the same page, so you might need to step back from it.  As Mercury turns retrograde at the bottom of your chart, you’ll become more introspective than usual.



free people horoscopesTAURUS

April 20–May 20

Lovely Venus is currently traveling through Taurus, and this week she has three significant meetings with other planets. Luckily for you, two of them are pleasant. The challenge comes when she encounters Mars in your work sector, highlighting a disparity between what you want and what you’re currently doing. You’re apt to feel dissatisfied with this state of affairs, but try to understand that it’s temporary. You’ll feel uplifted by Venus’s connections with Neptune in your humanity house and Pluto in your vision zone, though. Socializing, showing affection and expressing your creativity are ways to tap into the positive possibilities. Mercury is going retrograde, which may lead to some miscommunication and confusion, but you might also end up back in touch with someone you haven’t seen in awhile.



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6 years ago

Love the advice worked in. So perfect.

6 years ago

I always look forward to reading my horoscope each week,Tracy Allen is the best!

FP Tracy
6 years ago

Thanks so much, Shay! Enjoy your week, everyone:)

6 years ago

sports may be a satisfying outlet this week??? lets hope so!!!! GKG!!!!!