Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of June 9–15

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free people horoscopesGEMINI

May 21–June 20

An opposition between Venus and Saturn this week may mean that your desire to retreat from the world will be thwarted by responsibilities—and spirituality, romantic love or escapist pleasures could be limited by work or health. You may experience a feeling of dissatisfaction even if you’re not entirely sure what you want. Balance personal gratification with taking care of business as best you can. Whatever needs doing is not going away, and you’ll feel better if you tend to pressing matters, then relax. Relationships are a challenge now, as provocative Mars in your love house fights with intense Pluto in your closeness zone. You’re inclined to pursue what pleases you, but control, possessiveness, trust, money, sex or jealousy could make that difficult. The full moon in your others angle could spell a turning point in a relationship or the culmination of a partnership, and a necessary shift is apt to be accelerated by other people. A friend’s perspective will help you navigate romantic drama. The moon induces you to consider other people’s needs and feelings and aim for equity in your interactions.


free people horoscopesCANCER

June 21–July 22

When Venus and Saturn oppose each other this week, you may feel torn between friends and a love interest or between going along with others’ desires and working on your own creative project. An opposition demands balance—meaning it can’t be all about you or all about other people right now. You want to find your place in the world, and you’re working on expressing your unique gifts. But the strain of yearning for acceptance and feeling unsure about what you have to contribute could affect you. A conflict between family and your significant other might arise, or your emotional state may drive you to fight with someone who you see as controlling. Be aware of your behavior and what’s provoking it. If you choose to confront someone, it may instigate change. The full moon in your productivity house is clicking with Uranus in your goals angle, indicating a shift in your career. You might complete a work project, feel a strong urge to do something different, change a work habit or even change jobs. The need to be useful dovetails with an impulse to shake up your path now.


free people horoscopesLEO

July 23–August 22

Your ability to shine in your career or in a public setting has increased recently, but when Venus faces off with Saturn this week, family or domestic responsibilities—or private fear or self-doubt—could dampen your enthusiasm for making your mark. Acknowledge the opposing agendas and find a compromise that suits both your personal and professional lives. If it’s your own emotional state that’s holding you back, engage in a dialogue with the negative voice inside your head. Job frustration could be exacerbated by a Mars-Pluto struggle, triggering an argument with a colleague or a strong impulse to do something to change your situation. It’s possible your frustration is connected to your health, fitness, daily routine or duties rather than your job. Coming up with action steps and taking the first one is better than doing something rash. With the full moon, a creative project or love affair may culminate, or you could be overwhelmed by passionate feelings. Spontaneous fun is favored, as the moon is in your joy sector and harmonizing with Uranus in your adventure zone. Honor your need to play, love and express yourself.


free people horoscopesVIRGO

August 23–September 22

A desire to learn, travel, have new experiences and broaden your mind will be tempered by your pragmatic mentality when Venus in your exploration sector opposes Saturn in your mindset zone this week. Immediate concerns or pessimism could dampen your spirits, but make the most of the opposition by using this time to carefully plan future pleasures rather than ruling them out as impractical. Instead of worrying or resigning yourself, figure out in your head how to make having what you want possible. When Mars and Pluto spar with each other, finances and pleasure may seem at odds or you might argue over money or values with someone close to you. One positive manifestation would be for you to work on making the most of your gifts and valuing yourself more—and those efforts could in turn transform your creativity or your love life.  The full moon reminds you that family, home life, roots, comfort and feelings are as important as worldly endeavors. A psychological breakthrough or a change in an intimate relationship may result if you let your emotions wash over you instead of bottling them up.


free people horoscopesLIBRA

September 23–October 22

Give-and-take is strongly emphasized when desirous Venus in your sharing sector opposes restrictive Saturn in your resources zone this week. A relationship issue connected with money, trust, jealousy, possessiveness, sex, control, self-worth or values could arise. Avoid getting into a power struggle or thinking in terms of not getting what you want from someone. Look at your own fears and insecurities, and consider how they might be impacting what you have and what you give in a relationship. With Mars in Libra fighting with Pluto in your emotions angle, it’s doubly tempting to play out an internal struggle through personal interactions. It’s possible you’ll have difficulty with a family member or roommate, but focus on the shift in your psyche that may be provoking you to act. Try to understand the reasons behind a conflict and what role you play in it rather than avoiding conflict altogether. Peace at any price is a Libra motto that doesn’t always serve you well. The full moon in your communication house is harmonizing with Uranus in your relationship angle; express your feelings to someone, especially if you feel overwhelmed by them.


free people horoscopesSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

Venus in your relationship angle faces off with Saturn in Scorpio this week, signifying an issue around love and boundaries. If you’re working hard on yourself and feeling isolated, you could be blocking romance, affection and friendship unintentionally, and subconscious fears are probably contributing to the problem. Ask yourself what you’re afraid of when it comes to love and relationships. Saturn is helping you to grow stronger and define yourself more clearly. Has that led you to build a wall around yourself? Let love in; it softens the hard edges of life. Saturn has certainly shown you that life can be tough, but don’t fall into the trap of pessimism. With Mars and Pluto also fighting, mental turmoil and subconscious anger could collide. Examine an entrenched behavior pattern, self-sabotaging actions, repressed aggression or vague irritability. Confronting an internal foe will help you continue to empower yourself. Resist overspending when the full moon lands in your worth zone. A shift in your values, priorities, finances or self-esteem can coincide with a liberating change connected with your habits, job, health, fitness, daily life, modus operandi or skillset.


free people horoscopesSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Your rapport with coworkers; the health and fitness you desire; the way you want your daily life to look; the work you’d like to be doing…any of these could seem to be obstructed this week when Venus opposes Saturn. It probably feels like outside forces are the problem, but it would be helpful for you to examine the ways in which you might be sabotaging yourself or subconsciously holding yourself in check. If you discover that something has to end in order for you to have what you say you want, then let it end. With feisty Mars in your group house battling controlling Pluto in your worth zone, a conflict with friends or colleagues could arise. You’ll find it hard to be a team player if you differ with others on matters concerning money, values, priorities, possessions or confidence. This is an emotional week for you, given that the full moon is in your sign. It’s syncing with liberating Uranus in your self-expression house, though, helping you to let your feelings out, perhaps via a romantic relationship, creativity or play. Focus on what you need, without expecting others to do the same.


free people horoscopesCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

When Venus opposes Saturn this week, it may feel like love, fun, creativity, happiness or self-expression are limited by other people in some way, and this could lead to difficulty with friends, colleagues or another group. Balance what you want in the moment against the objective of connecting with other people and doing something concrete for a purpose beyond yourself.  If it seems like you versus them, strive for an acceptable compromise. With Mars in your ambition angle elbowing Pluto in Capricorn, an authority figure may provoke you into a power struggle. Straightforward action to achieve a goal would be a better use of your energy than fighting. Take the initiative and work hard on something that’s important to you instead of getting caught up in feeling threatened. The full moon in the last house of your chart stirs up subconscious feelings, and its affiliation with Uranus can help you gain insight into emotional patterns, facilitating a liberating break with your past. Don’t repress uncomfortable emotions or project them onto others. Spend time alone, and welcome a spiritual shift. It will likely require releasing your grip on a foundation that’s no longer there.


free people horoscopesAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

You may feel like nesting, hanging with family, having people over or indulging in creature comforts, but when Venus opposes Saturn this week, your ambitions, boss, parent or the outer world will keep you from getting too comfortable. What you’re in the mood for and what you’re working toward are at odds, so strike a compromise between work and indulgence. With Saturn at the top of your chart, it’s important to make a good impression professionally and take on responsibility. The Mars-Pluto skirmish could signify that you’re fighting to expand your horizons while subconscious anger, a painful ending or psychological baggage is curtailing your efforts. You may be working against yourself to some extent and are liable to act that out in an argument. Or you might feel like circumstances are conspiring against you. Let one part of you push another part into action, instead of projecting the conflict onto your relationships. The full moon heightens emotions with other people and could spell a change in your wish list, in a friendship or in your role within a group. Balance your drive to shine with the needs and feelings of others.


free people horoscopesPISCES

February 19–March 20

Neptune is turning retrograde in Pisces this week and won’t move forward until mid-November. Although you might feel paralyzed or disoriented, this phase will help you pull back from a fantasy. You may be so fused with a dream you’re incubating that you don’t have sufficient distance from it to get perspective. The current Venus-Saturn opposition also challenges your mentality, pitting what you’d like to believe against what you fear about the future. A blend of courageous optimism and practical planning will get you through this. The Mars-Pluto squabble could manifest as tension over what you’re trying to get from others. Teamwork, trust, partnership, sharing, control, setting a mutual agenda—these are some of the likeliest problem areas. Use this as motivation to take action yourself rather than as a reason to prompt someone else to do what you need them to do. The full moon in your ambition angle may spell drama at work or the culmination of a goal, and it might also put you in the spotlight. A shift in your career path would be liberating and would also mean a change in your finances.


free people horoscopesARIES

March 21–April 19

This week’s Venus-Saturn opposition plays up tension between what you want and what you fear you won’t get from someone. It’s about valuing yourself while also working to share that self in an intimate relationship. It contrasts the desire for simple pleasure and self-sufficiency with the commitment that interdependence entails. With Mars and Pluto also squaring off, interpersonal dynamics and cooperative efforts may seem quite taxing. Try to be aware of your reactions, and look for chances to compromise. If you can’t find equitable solutions easily, turn a potential problem into a learning opportunity, and seek another layer of meaning in your challenges. On a mundane level, the full moon may mean that something related to travel, education, publishing, law or faith will reach fruition. The moon is in your philosophy zone and syncing with Uranus in Aries, facilitating a shift in your vision of the future, your belief system or your emotional courage—and that will dovetail with a personal leap forward. Your impatience to overthrow aspects of the old you connects with the burst of emotions or mental illumination that the full moon brings.


free people horoscopesTAURUS

April 20–May 20

Venus in Taurus faces off with Saturn in your relationship angle this week, exacerbating a sense of not getting what you want from someone or highlighting your efforts to sustain strong bonds. You’ve been restructuring how you relate to people and redefining a particular relationship or two—and your desires and desirability come into play now against the backdrop of that work. It may feel like someone is withholding, blocking or testing you, but search for a lesson about commitment and love instead of reacting. You’ve experienced a crisis of faith, as old ideas and beliefs have perished to make way for new ones. This week, your job, health, duties or way of doing things can stir up difficult feelings about your changing views. If your current work doesn’t match your powerful vision for the future, you may feel compelled to act. Your growing courage can fuel you to change your situation. The full moon lures you to focus on the intricacies of give-and-take and emphasizes the importance of letting go in order to transform. Issues around sexuality, trust, jealousy or balancing your needs with someone else’s may come up. Pay close attention to intuitive insights.


Top photo via Love Stories: Jason and Jenny Parry.

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Thank you Tracy. Have always loved your readings.

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My pleasure, Niki!

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