Free People Models Off Duty

The models off duty series has always been a favorite of mine. I couldn’t count on two hands the number of times I have woken up, needed ideas on how to dress for the day, and turned to the “off duty” looks the babes at Free People have to offer. As silly as it seems, I know many of you can relate. They just have that way of making everything look effortless yet chic. I told the girls behind the blog that I’d love to get involved shooting the models off duty looks, and when they gave me the go, I was eager to start. Each morning this week I skipped my way over to the alley outside of the photo studio anxiously waiting for the cab to pull up, and an inspiration to step out. I loved how genuinely sweet and stylish each of the girls were this week and had a blast shooting them. To make things a little fun, I asked some of the models a quirky question while shooting to give them a voice beyond the beautiful pictures we get to see in the catalogs.  Take a peek of the girls that slay the “I woke up like this” look we all love to see.

aline street style

Aline made my Wednesday morning with fun poses and an outfit I could see myself living in. Skinnies, a flannel, and some rad shoes. It was awesome seeing her sport a pair of American flag converse… check out the DIY American Flag Converse we did earlier in the week! I asked Aline what her “spirit animal” was, and she answered, “A bird, so I could fly around anywhere and everywhere.” Sounds pretty free to me!

Get Aline’s Look: Plaid Print Back Buttondown, LA Nite Tank, Lightweight Stretch Skinny, Charlie Converse

model street style

Amanda was the first model I shot, and couldn’t of been more welcoming. I fell in love with the way she played with textures and color. The soft nude/pink silk skirt paired with a basic charcoal tee added a the perfect feminine touch. I asked Amanda what her favorite flavor of ice cream was, and she answered with a chuckle, “peanut butter.” I couldn’t agree more.

Get Amanda’s look: LA Livin Venice Baby Tee, Everything Rosey Pencil Skirt, Best Flat, Top Gun Aviator Sunglasses

monika street style

Monika simply reeled me in with Rolling Stones tank. This look seemed to cover both comfort and cool… lounge pants are always a great call. I asked Monika what her “go to” outfit was and she answered with “A pair of jeans, comfortable t shirt, and Converse”.

Get Monika’s look: We The Free Silo Graphic Tank, Arda Pant, JV Weapon Leather High Tops

models and street style

detail street style

I was so excited when Sheila pulled up. She’s one of my biggest muses, and her style is incredible. Britt and Sheila decided to pose together before they headed into the studio for the day, and their outfits totally worked together. I really loved the unexpected pops of color and punk vibes each of them had, they were the perfect looks to end the off duty shots on a good note.

Get Britt’s Look: Geo Embroidered Pullover, Oil Stained Boyfriend Jean, Berkley Loafer Slip On

Get Sheila’s Look: Drifter Slouchy Pullover, Raw Hem Denim Cutoff, Alexander McQueen Terena High Top

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9 years ago

SUCH fun outfits.

9 years ago

this was so interesting to see the models out of the studio and more real…the photography captured their personalities!!

9 years ago

Could you post their instagrams next time you do a models off duty post? I’d love to follow them for daily inspiration.

9 years ago

This is my ideal style in a nutshell. Loving this.

9 years ago

I absolutely LOVED this post!! It was nice to hear someone else talk about “I woke up like this” inspo, because honestly I think that can be harder to pull off than a formal, sophisticated look sometimes. I adore what every single one of these models wore– as you said, they absolutely nailed the look.