Make A Gratitude Jar

This post comes from our Australia contributor, Miann Scanlan. Follow along with her on Instagram @freepeopleaustralia! There is nothing that has changed my life more profoundly than gratitude. It was my savior amidst great suffering that I experienced a few years ago, when my spirit was engulfed by deep grief. It was during this time that I found yoga and was introduced to the practice of being grateful for literally everything on life’s journey, including the bad times and the struggles. This simple notion of being grateful for my suffering was the catalyst that launched me on my spiritual journey, and now I want to share that feeling with almost everyone I meet! I firmly believe that gratitude is the elixir of life – the facilitator for all abundance and the key to unlocking bountiful happiness. Cultivating thankfulness not only makes your days shine brighter, but with time it also promotes feelings of compassion and generosity which create further joy in our lives. Gratitude can soften a hardened heart, and also builds the capacity for forgiveness – which creates the clarity of mind that is ideal for spiritual development, as was my initial experience with this practice of gratitude at a yoga retreat in Bali. A Gratitude Jar is kind of like a piggy bank, except coins are substituted with good vibes and blessings, and the reward is of far greater value than any sum of money could ever provide. gratitude jar What you’ll need A mason jar Your favourite pen & a note pad Scissors Embellishments of your choice: I like using elements of the earth like sand, dried flowers, curious rocks, and twigs Directions Add some of your embellishments into the jar. I poured some sand into the bottom as I am grateful to live by the sea. You can adorn the jar with anything that makes you feel positive and at peace: Full moon charged crystals, incense sticks, glitter… you name it! gratitude jar Each morning write down something you are grateful for, ceremoniously folding up the paper and lovingly adding it to the jar. Once your jar is full of gratitude, take it to a place where you can sit quietly, as one by one you take out and read over your blessings. I like to take my jar down to the beach and build a ceremonial nature mandala around it as I sit for a while and meditate. Et viola! You have just experienced a taste of true abundance. gratitude jar What are you most grateful for? Find Miann at & instagram @miannscanlan and @freepeopleaustralia.

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9 years ago

Love this. Going to make this my next project.

9 years ago

Wow, this is so amazing. I am definitely going to make this in college and read it after every semester!

9 years ago

what an incredibly beautiful article. her words moved me. I can’t wait to do this <3

9 years ago

this is lovely, and seriously breathtaking article. I’m most grateful for my opportunity to live in Boston for the summer working at Free People.

9 years ago

this is wonderful and something i will pass onto my daughter. i am grateful to have an amazing family, health and happiness…. and of course i am extremely grateful to live in Australia…..a truly magical place to live x

9 years ago

Such a cute idea, I adore my jar <3 save it all to read on New Years eve

9 years ago

Ah this is perfect, I have been keeping mine all year :D

9 years ago

^ Hey, another Suzy ! :)

This is a wonderful article. I am grateful that I have a computer so that I could access this uplifting blog post! xoxo

9 years ago

This is beautiful! I’ve seen wishing jars, keepsake jars, but never a gratitude jar!
How lovely, I’m going to do this. I’m grateful for my life, my family and my friends.
Gorgeous blog post, thank you!

9 years ago

Wonderful idea. Being grateful for what we have is the secret to true happiness! I’n definitely going to start doing this.

9 years ago

This is such a creative and inspirational idea! Its so important to be grateful for everything we have in life because we are so blessed! I need to take the time and revel on everything I have to be grateful for, and I love that this is just a quick little thing to do in the morning, but it can really impact your day!:)

9 years ago

In fact when someone doesn’t understand then its up to other viewers that they
will help, so here it happens.