Monday Quote: Brave

“She who is brave is free.”

“What does free mean to you?”

…This tends to be one of the last questions I ask people whenever I’m interviewing them for the blog.  I ask it because I love hearing their response, and for the amount of times I have asked it, it’s always answered in a different way. This quote reminded me of that question.

We all possess the courage it takes to be brave. When you find it and put it to use, anything is attainable. You are free to run, free to be, free to dream, and free to love.

Bravery is bold, and one who is brave is free to set sail in any direction the wind takes them.

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I want to hang this print in my bedroom!
I love it.

So Very Well Said! And there are so many forms of bravery… it can take courage to speak your truths, pursue a career that speaks to your heart, or simply dare to live your life as your true authentic self. Some of the my bravest moments were made of small steps that took more courage than leaping across a wide crevasse.

The Weaver Of Words…..give me 15 words and I’ll tell you a tale

I need to be more brave.
Here is my Monday quote:


I agree that being brave is crucial in being free, alongside this, I believe that living with intention is also very important in the act of being free.

I love that you ask that question. Beautiful edit.

this quote is so true! you have to be brave to be free (at least i do).


What app do you use for this??

It means you always have options! Even if the options don’t seem to be anything you are comfortable with, you have the guts to do what it takes.