Scenes From The Office

This week has flown by so quickly, yet each moment seems to stick. Time here is spontaneous, creative, quick. It has been fun wandering around the office, with camera in hand, watching everyone in their element. Every corner I turn I find something photogenic; everything from a pile of denim to a napping dog. Take a look at whats been going on around the office! meetings girlonladder sundae desk collage naomismall naomismall2 shoes hanging lights sleeping dog Have a great weekend! More Scenes From The Office posts.

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9 years ago

Such a dreamy office! Love the photos.

9 years ago

Beautiful photos, Madisyn! I love all these snapshots of our amazing home office ;)

9 years ago

Very pretty office! I love the sparkly ceiling lights, I’ve been thinking about doing something like that in my home office!

Lauren |

9 years ago

Free people gives off such positive energy. Great shots. Especially the lights and the boots.

9 years ago

These are some gorgeous photo. I love them!