Soothing After Sun Cubes

I love nothing more than long days spent outdoors. Summer is almost here, and I can’t wait to start spending weekends at the shore.  I feel most at home when I’m surrounded by sand and sea, and relaxing under warm rays is one of my favorite ways to re-set and clear my mind. But, the summer sun brings hot temperatures, and it’s important that we protect our skin. Wearing more sun protection is one thing that I have to get better at. There have been too many times where the sun has beat out my lotion (like it did recently, in Costa Rica), and nothing is worse than the sting from a fresh sunburn.  The cooling sensation that the aloe plant produces when rubbed on the skin is the best way to feel immediate comfort when treating a bad burn.


That last bad burn I got inspired me to find the ultimate after sun skin soother: Frozen aloe cubes.

The next time you get a bad burn, these cubes will be your best friend. And, they’re super easy to make!

aloe materials

What you need:

Aloe Gel (you can buy this packaged in a bottle or you can buy a few aloe leaves and scrape out the gel from inside)

Lavender Essential Oil

Ice Cube Tray

aloe in ice cube tray

Take an ice cube tray and fill each slot about 2/3 full with aloe gel.

aloe and flowers

Once the tray is filled, add in a drop of lavender essential oil to each cube and stir with a knife. Adding in flower petals is optional, but I sprinkled in a few for a pretty touch.

aloe cubes

Stick the tray in the freezer and allow the cubes to freeze completely.

using the aloe cubes

Once Frozen, use the cubes as needed for burns or for a soothing skin moisturizer. The combination of the cool aloe and relaxing lavender is heavenly.

aloe hands


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  1. This is the best! Super excited to try making these. Something I just learned also… if you don’t have aloe handy, try wetting a rag and sprinkling it with a heavy dose of baking soda. Put that straight onto the burn. Somehow it helps soak up some of the heat and really helps to reduce the sting.

  2. This is awesome!

    I am impressed by the size of aloe you are holding on that picture! In England i haven’t come through such a big aloe or aloe vera leaves sale at all…I’m well jealous!

    When my aloe grows a little more i shall definitely make this…thanks :P

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