Surfing 101 With Surf Bikini Retreat

One of my favorite experiences on our trip to Costa Rica was getting the chance to surf, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Surf Bikini Retreat.

Working on Wall Street for 10+ years can be stressful. This is what Surf Bikini co-founder Monty Murphrey realized, and his love for surfing never escaped him. Having grown up surfing the waves in Costa Rica, he returned back to a place he loves…Playa Guiones in Nosara, Costa Rica. With the help from his wife Adilia, a true Tica woman who shares the same passion for surfing, they created the all inclusive surfing camp known as Surf Bikini. In addition to surf lessons, Monty and Adilia believe that it’s important to introduce their guests the Costa Rican culture and lifestyle as well.

The morning of our first surf lesson, we all went down to the beach and Monty and Adilia were there to welcome us. Beside them stood the three other surf instructors whom happen to be some of the best female surfers in all of Costa Rica. Everyone was assigned to a certain instructor, and they briefed us on how to be safe out in the water before showing us how to master a key trick to surfing…the Pop Up.

The Surf Bikini instructors were some of the sweetest girls I have ever met, and they made everyone feel so comfortable out in the water. They helped each and every one of us, and made sure that we all left with smiles on our faces.

Adilia and Monty were kind enough to give us a crash course in practicing the Pop-Up. Have a look at the steps and tips below for a little surfing 101!

The Pop-Up  is a critical skill to successfully ride a wave. All surfers must master this skill to ensure a smooth entry into any size wave. 

Step One:

surf one

Lay flat on your surfboard and raise your head and look back as you see a wave coming. Paddle hard!!

Step Two:

pose 2

When you feel the wave pushing the board, raise your chest with your hands below your shoulders the way you would do a push-up. 

Step Three: 

step three

Place one foot on the tail of the surfboard and the other foot about two feet forward on the center of the board and spring up into a standing up position. 

Step Four: 

step four

Once in a standing position, bend your knees , look forward and  use your arms for balance. HAVE FUN and RIDE THE WAVE!!!!

getting pushed

boards on beach

group lesson

monty and girls

paddling in sand

standing up

girls listeing

monty talking

little baby

monty taking picture



surf babes

group shot

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