3 Ways To Wear Your Bikini After You Leave The Beach

We’ve all done it. After spending an afternoon at the beach, you throw a tee and shorts over your bikini and go about your night with your swim suit hidden and no one the wiser. But why hide all that gorgeous detailing? Make your sun-soaked day last throughout the night by incorporating your suit in your outfit. This season has seen it’s fare share of strappy detailing and crochet accents, elements that add the perfect amount of texture and interest to your look.

Swim Styling 4

Swim Styling 2

With July winding down, we’ll soon be welcoming August with open arms, and with it, the cool evenings that follow sun-kissed days. Layer a V-neck sweater over a woven bikini top to keep cozy and still let summer show through.

Get the look: Chunky Oversized Pullover, Kahala Top, Nick Board Short, Paige Platform Footbed, Hard Bangle Set.

Swim Styling 5

Swim Styling 8

Swim Styling 7

A high neck bikini top is the perfect backdrop for two statement necklaces. Layered beneath this sweeping dress, it creates the illusion of a cut-out neckline.

Get the look: Opal Sunday Maxi, Basic Top, Taureg Choker, Minimal Lace Up Heel, Hard Bangle Set, Shield Layered Necklace.

Swim Styling 3

Swim Styling 6

Let a crochet top peek out beneath a loose and flowing button-down for a unique take on menswear.

Get the look: Oversized Classic Buttonup, Side Zip High Rise Skinny, Crochet Triangle Top, Tribeca Heel, Let’s Get Lost Pendant.

What are your tips for taking your suit from day to night?


  1. I love all of your clothes! Summer can be really fun if no mishap happens. Be it known that dark skies is a warning that a thunder will come. Soon right after, lightning will find something to strike. Stay beautiful and safe people!

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