Beauty Tutorial: 4 Ways To Wear The Cat Eye

Striking, classic, and sexy. The cat eye is one of those looks that will never go out of style, and has the ability to completely transform your look with a simple swipe.  And, depending on the look you’re going for, it can be modified with just a few extra steps.  Add a splash of color for an eclectic eye, or go for a bold, rock and roll look with some extra shadow. Here are four takes on the cat eye!

classic new

The Classic

Everything will start with the classic and can be built from there!

1. Create an even canvas by smoothing over uneven pigmentation on eyelid

2. Start your line at the middle of the eye, close to the lash line, sweeping up towards the end to create your tail or wing

3. Then, go back and fill in the rest of your line at the base of the lid

4. Come back with a q-tip to correct any errors

the mix cateye

The Mix

A pop of color for a more eclectic eye

Choose whatever color you like! You can take any eye shadow and turn it into an eyeliner. Moisten an angled brush and then dab your brush in your eye shadow.  Shadow will adhere to the wet line of eyeliner you’ve applied.

color splash cat eye

Color Splash

The color splash is the smokey companion to the cat eye, using the same technique and transforming your shadow with a liner. Take any color you like and apply under the eye!

rocker cat eye

The Rocker

Starting from the middle of the eye, draw a line at a 45 degree angle up to the crease of the lid. Drag the line across to the wing to create your rocker triangle, then fill in the shape.

*be sure to let this dry before opening your eye!

Hair and Makeup: @cvaria

Model: Annie McGinty

Thank you: @meganhonore, @glennabree, @awinya, @carlita_frita, @antonellaaaaa, @nmcmaster629, @milk_fed, @madysondeel, @andreaviau

And thank you to the talented @chaufacetime for the illustrations!

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9 years ago

<3 <3 <3 this!!!!

9 years ago

This is perfect. The cat eye has this magical ability to make you look put together no matter what. Any liquid eyeliner in particular that you recommend? I’ve tried a few different brands and have yet to find one that I really like. Thanks!

9 years ago

Stilla felt marker eyeliner is my favorite!! It’s so easy to manipulate, easy for on the go or to play up for a more dramatic look… I have both the black and brown!

9 years ago

^ I second the Stila comment above. it’s the best!

9 years ago

Love this! Definitely rock a cat eye most days but this has given me the inspiration to add in some color!

xoxo Sara

9 years ago

Great tutorial, and thank you Kristen and Hannah for the felt liner tip!

9 years ago

Awesome, right now I have the Eyeko liner (which is okay- it seems dry after only a few weeks of use) and I’ll plan to pick up the Stila one next! Thank you!!

9 years ago

what is the black dress with the lace inset? I didn’t see it on the freepople website?

9 years ago

i’m a red head so it’s hard to find an actual brown color for eye liner or mascara. Cover Girl and L”oreal are the only two I’ve found. I love their felt tip liner!

9 years ago

Love this tutorial!

9 years ago

Love the ideas, gunna try them out ;)

9 years ago

Yea Chau! Those illustrations are drenched in her magic~ and this Leo is dyyyying for a legit cat-eye… Mahalos ladies ;) xx

9 years ago

Love love love this post! Cat & winged eyeliner all day everyday!♡

9 years ago

thank you free people for slowly changing me from young adult to a woman lol :p


9 years ago

Thank you for this post! I am always working on perfecting my cat eye and this is very helpful. The illustrations are fantastic as well <3 xoxo

9 years ago

I needed to see this…just the right inspiration :)



9 years ago

fp julia -July 30, 2014, 4:48PM
The black dress will be available next month – keep an eye out, it’s called the “All That Talk Dress”!
Source: Beauty Tutorial: 4 Ways To Wear The Cat Eye

Hello fp julia, do you have any updates on this dress? No sign of it yet. Thanks!