Blogger Diary: A New Summer

As a new summer begins, I can’t help but think about the past. 

Around this time a year ago, I was still figuring out what Philly was all about. It was my first summer in the city after I had graduated college, and it was one of the best times of my life. I had my best friends by my side, a city to explore, and I was open minded to anything the long, sun-soaked days brought along. As I think back, I get a feeling of warmth. When you’re young and in a new place, you feel like the world is your playground. Somewhere in my mind, I felt fearless, but also a little vulnerable at the same time. Opportunities arose left and right; to travel, to laugh, to play, to love…and it all happens so fast. I made mistakes, but I learned.

A year later, I look at my life in its current state, and realize how much has happened within just one year. Best friends moved away, but new ones moved in. More responsibility has arisen, but a new mindset has taken over. With change comes adaptation, and it’s all about learning how to cope with the new things that you are met with.

This past weekend, new met with old. Brigette was back in town, and it somehow felt like she had never left. New roommates came together with old roommates, which meant I was surrounded by all of my closest friends.  As I found myself on the roof of my house on Sunday evening, nostalgia began to play with my mind. The sun was setting, and all of us danced around the highest part of the house, laughing about old times and dreaming of times to come. A year has passed, and new paths have formed, but in that moment…it felt like nothing had ever changed.

house of deck

summer party picture

summer nights

brigette and cucumbers

running on the roof


feet on wood

picking flowers

Melly J hoop

laying on floor

stepping down from roof

never stop wandering

summer 35


dancing on roof

philly rooftop


summer fun

Welcome, Summer 2014.

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9 years ago

Awww Jan I love that last one of us <3<3<3

9 years ago

Lovely, ladies xo

9 years ago

SO fun! This is cute! You ladies are wonderful.

9 years ago

great post. shared thoughts indeed.
this summer > last summer
but last summer is where it all started <3

9 years ago

Great photos–perfect summer inspiration!

xo Katie

9 years ago

Lovely snaps! Lets be friends!! :)

9 years ago

Instant follow. Loved this post! Can’t wait for more.