Take Care Of Yourself First

It’s a concept that many of us are taught ever since we’re the tiniest little beings, yet it seems to be something that all too often gets put on the backburner.

Love yourself. Care for yourself. Dare I even say… put yourself first.

In the time in which we’re living, there’s a heck of a lot going on at all times. We strive for balance. Balance of work and play; of family, friends, and significant others; of going to that place and getting that thing done while never forgetting to stay on top of that other thing. It’s not a secret that it can get incredibly overwhelming. And oftentimes, we get so caught up in trying to stay on top of all of these things that we leave the most important thing in the dust: our own selves.

take care of yourself

You have to take care of yourself. Make you a priority. While it might sound selfish, putting yourself first in certain ways will turn out to be one of the most selfless things you can do. Because when you put the effort in to keeping yourself healthy and happy; to constantly strive to be the most positive version of yourself, you will be radiating with the most beautiful energy imaginable. And you know what happens with that energy? You put it out into the world, into everything you touch, everywhere you go, and every person you encounter. That gorgeous energy will be taken in by your surroundings, causing everyone and everything else to feel it, use it, and give out even more positive vibes.

take care of yourself

So you know that yoga class you’ve been dying to take? Take it. That juicer you’ve been thinking about buying? Buy it. That consistent pain you feel somewhere in your body? Figure out where it’s coming from; why it’s there. Put yourself on a little detox; eat the natural fruits of the earth. Clear out those toxins that have been accumulating within you, fogging your mind and slowing you down. Eat for fuel, not for taste. Make a personal meditation space. Create something. Be proud of it. Be in awe at what your body can do for you. Wake up and hug your knees. Thank your hands. Walk as if your feet are kissing the ground.

take care of yourself

take care of yourself

Think of your body and mind as your own child. You would never let that child get stressed out, sick, overwhelmed, and exhausted – not if there was anything you could do about it. And there is. I suggest we all take steps to improving the health of our own bodies and minds, while of course always remembering to care for those around us. We need to love ourselves first, care for ourselves first, and we might just find that to keep those other things in balance is much simpler a task than it used to be.

take care of yourself

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  1. Beautiful, great reminder. Not selfish at all to take care of yourself, how can you be the best you if you don’t? How can you help anyone else if you don’t help yourself… Lovely post, thank you.

  2. love this, but hey, isn’t ‘eating for taste’ totally a form of self love?? i’m all for health and eating healthy food, but your soul needs feeding just as much as your body. forcing yourself to eat things that you don’t like purely because they are the so called ‘best’ thing for your body is not taking care of yourself at all – it’s harming yourself. part of making yourself happy is giving yourself what you want purely for the sake of being kind to body and soul <3

  3. Love this post, and I I totally agree the comment above! We can never forget that life isn’t just a list of good things for us we can do, our souls, the magical combination between spirit and body, are a little more complex. We need taste, we need things just for the pleasure and beauty of things. Conclusion: as a Portuguese, as a lover of good grilled fish eaten by the beach with a great wine, eat for fuel and eat for pleasure of eating too, because we are not a machine. I know plenty of people who have the “perfect diet” but are imbalanced in their seek for pure/raw/detox…If you want balance, look for balance.

  4. This post was exactly what I needed to read. I’ve had some black times I’ve been going through in the last months, and I hope to be on the way of recovery. This post (but also the entrie Free People Blog and everything it deals with) helped me to get a little enlightenment. With all your tips, I’m positive to be getting a good life worth living again, and be able to enjoy it, make the most out of my days. To read this was very inspiring. I will use my summer to bring harmony back into my living, and you’ve helped me build up essential motivation to do so. Thank you! Peace & Love

  5. I’m SO beyond happy about this post because more people need to see this. This is the way I choose to live my life. It’s the most important thing!

  6. Bridgette, you are always so inspiring and I look forward to your posts. Your energy is palpable and it is an ever calming presence that reminds me to be the best person I can be. Thank you.

  7. Just stumbled on this post. Love it. I’m planning a 21 day Self-Care challenge starting September 1st. No better way to move into the fall and winter seasons than remembering to focus on ME :)

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