Creating A Summer Atmosphere In Your Home

UPDATE: This post originally ran in June but now that it is officially summer, we wanted to share it again!

To complement the gorgeous weather outside, it’s in our best interest to keep those summer vibes flowing within our homes, as well. And, we don’t even have to go out and get all new things to make it happen. Here are five simple ideas for creating a summer atmosphere in your home!

Simplify your bed.

summer decor inspiration

Heavy blankets and a sea of pillows are things of the past. All you need for the summer are one or two pillows, some natural bamboo sheets, and something light to throw on top. My real advice for simplifying your bed takes it a step further, though: I dare you to lose the bed frame. Sell it, donate it, or store it in the basement – a sturdy mattress on the floor is all you really need. It’ll have you feeling light, free, grounded, and even a little more clear-headed. Try it.

Overload on hemp, jute, and rope.

summer decor inspiration

These materials are bursting with the raw, natural feeling of summer, so load up on them in every way you can. Display dream catchers all over your bedroom, hang an aloe vera plant in a homemade macramé plant hanger… I’ve even been known to hang random bits of string from a stick and call it a day. Have fun with it and let your creativity flow. Even just working with these materials will have you in that summer mindset.

Decorate with sand.

summer decor inspiration

Nothing says summertime like stepping your bare feet into some fresh, fine sand. The next time you’re on the beach, bring a jar and take some home with you. Then, pour some into various vessels and use them to display candles, jewelry, or whatever else you can imagine. If you won’t find yourself on the beach this summer, no worries! You can usually buy sand at a craft or hardware store.

Let in the breeze.

summer decor inspiration

In the morning, before it gets too hot (depending on where you live), open up every window in your house – even if it’s just for a few minutes. That fresh, summer breeze will fill your home with the sweet smell of the season, and fill your soul with new life and positive vibes. As soon as the sun starts beating in, you can close your windows and blast that cool air… the summer scent will be sure to linger for a few hours.

Create a custom summer scent.

summer decor inspiration

Enhance the natural summer scent that infiltrates your home with a custom-made scent specific to what you love. Make a natural room spray using lemon balm, lime juice, lavender oil, and coconut extract, and spritz it around your home. Try these homemade natural air fresheners! You can even spray it on your skin and hair to keep the glorious scent with you all day. Another trick of the trade: pineapples. Place them strategically around your home for an unexpected whiff of summer whenever you pass by. Plus, they just look cool.

How else will you be spreading the summer vibes in your home this summer? Do tell!

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So beautiful!


1. i’m obsessed with my bed frame haha probably my favorite piece of furniture
2. i lived for over a year without a bed frame and did not like it at all. i didn’t think i slept as well. maybe that was just me ;)
and 3. i have a tiny tiny tiny apt with zero storage! there is so much stuff under my bed! could not lose that storage space!

but i like the rest of it :)

Love all these ideas! I could lose the bed frame because all it is, is literally just the frame lol…i love the idea of putting dream catchers everywhere and in the early mornings when it’s still cool out I tend to open the windows for a few hours to let the fresh air run through my house (plus my kitties enjoy it) Bonus! lol…I was sure to grab a “few” jars of sand while in Florida last summer and I actually have them displayed..I made the zen garden you posted on here with that sand and i get ton of… Read more »

I am one step ahead. We don’t have a bed frame because my husband has a back injury and his back feels better when sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I love it! It feels so simple and refreshing.

Im filling my room with succulents too! They’re so beautiful and simple

Love the idea of hanging summery things up with hemp! Great tips and gorgeous photos!

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Love the vibe that all of these little touches create! Can’;t wait to try out some for myself!

love these ideas! I really like the picture/idea of the sand.


Love these idea’s and the one for the bed is wonderful….though does anyone have an idea what to do about setting up a nightstand with a reading lamp??


Tracy lose the nightstand, there are some beautiful vintage wall night lamps that can be had on e-bay!


really good advice for single girls living on their own in tiny spaces. :)

I envy the beautiful natural light in your home! This post has inspired me to get to that spring cleaning that I, whoops, “forgot about” ;)


Tracy–I have a a wooden crate flipped over with a lamp on top! Gives me plenty of storage underneath and a surface for my lamp.

That curtain in the “let in the breeze” photo is gorgeous! And love the tips :)

Lauren |


The bed on the floor is a bad idea, having the bed on the floor makes it easier for bugs and bacteria to get in your bed. Not something you want in your safe heaven of sleeping.

I opted for a low sealed-cement platform for my bed when I did my current flat and I’ve always loved it. Looks like I have a summer atmosphere in my home all year round, but then there’s no winter here anyway where I live :’)

I love to use doily dreamcatchers and some stones what i´ve painted to make me feel like i´m on colorful beach…

I love the sand tip! The rings in that cute bowl with sand is adorable!

Love these ideas! I haven’t used a bed frame in years! People think it’s weird, but I love it. First I got rid of it for practical reasons (co-sleeping with little ones) and now I don’t even want a bed frame. It really opens up the space.


i love that bed!!! totally borrowing that for inspiration.

i’m really intrigued about getting rid of my bed frame. just like everyone else!

– christina

such beauty in simplicity!! lovely bedroom seems to glow in the natural light! unique hand woven dream catchers add a touch of elegance