Embrace The Collector Within

If someone asked me to name all of my hobbies, I don’t think that “being a collector” would be one of the first that came to mind. But lately I’ve been realizing more and more that I happen to be exactly that. And I think you might be, too.

I think there’s a collector somewhere in all of us… and that to realize that very fact can bring out the collector quality even stronger. To embrace the collector within ourselves is to realize what moves us most. Once we do that, we can surround ourselves with that quality even more, and ultimately… bring ourselves maximum happiness. Happiness that we can spread wherever we go.


There’s something about grouping like objects together that has a truly meditative quality… and it’s certainly about the thrill of the hunt, too. But what collecting really comes down to, in my opinion, is something so much simpler than that: We love what we love, and we want to surround ourselves with those good vibrations as much as we possibly can.


Take a moment to look at your habitat — your life — from a new perspective. You might not have an entire shelf dedicated to seashells you’ve collected from beaches on your various travels; you might not have an entire shoebox filled with beautiful antique stamps (or maybe you do), but if you look hard enough, I bet you’ll find that a collector resides within you.


A collection doesn’t even have to be tangible. Maybe it’s music that you collect – certain sounds that come together in a way that make you feel a certain way. Maybe it’s trips. Oh yes, if you live to venture off new places again and again, you’re a trip collector for sure.

Me? I collect rocks. Big and tiny; smooth and rough. If I spot a rock that moves me in some way; that makes me feel good just by being in its presence, I’m picking that thing up and carrying it with me all the way home. But rocks are just one of my many collections. I collect twigs, bark, dried flowers… anything that comes from the earth. I collect candles, incense, essential oils… things that bring beauty to me through my nose. I collect jewelry, crochet, ditsy floral printed dresses… things that make me feel like a goddess when I wear them.


I collect smiles and laughs, and quiet afternoons filled with dancing light.


And you? Do tell… what do you collect?

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Collecting is great! It takes commitment.
I collect hip-hop wax and dresses

I collect the crafts I make (I can’t seem to give them up). I collect Dream catchers, sea shells, photographs, books, and feathers from the park.

Heart shaped rocks! And antique bottles. And feathers, sea shells, and sea glass.



Books, necklaces and rings!

Kitty Kat

I collect tattoos <3 Also vintage doilies and rings.


You gave me a whole new perspective on collecting! The first thing I thought before I read the post entirely was, “I collect stamps and minerals”. But now… I collect my school books. I collect photos. I collect hours which are filled with making music. Walks in the forest. Destinations I travel to. People I make happy. People who make me happy…

I collect necklaces for sure, and I collect stationery products: notebooks, stickers, cards, paper, etc etc. It’s now what I decided to refer to as Archiving not Addiction!


Collecting in my opinion is a peek to the artsy side of us. the part that loves that main base idea, but makes it more, adds and stashes up on that pure enjoyment. I have always been quite a Magpie, and over a few years i have collected rings, old books, songs, buttons and material scraps, scarves, old paint trays, etc. Recently i have set my time to collecting sea-glass and flowers. . . Sea glass has always appeared rather magical to me, (not just because as a child i believed it was gifts from mermaids) but because it has… Read more »

…I collect glass pieces what sea has polished…:)


Everything my six year old son has ever found in nature and gifted to me. It’s a mixture of rocks, feathers, dried flowers, shedded Robbin eggs. Just precious.


I’m fascinated by perfume- the bottles, the variety of scents. I created a display on my bedroom wall for all my bottles. It’s made from individual IKEA shelves with small mirrors behind them, so the light makes them pop. I think showing off and getting to look at my collection is part of what inspires me to create my own fragrances.


I collect adventures & memories. Experiences that push me to my limits and sometimes beyond, that humble me and teach me. Memories I can draw on when I need them most.

I love collecting stamps in my passport the most. I also adore collecting lace bras and vintage rings. I hope to have a wonderful collection one day and pass them down to my grandkids <3


I love collecting crystals, shells, feathers, and candles.

I think I’m in the business of collecting memories. And they’re not necessarily my own. It comes naturally, since I’m a reporter by trade. I love digitizing old family photos, and I’ve been collecting antique postcards. And I love dresses. I have a large collection in my closet. And I love visiting new cities, too. :)


I feel like I am actually overdosing on collecting. I can get obsessed with so many things – but it’s always with full force. I have collected pokemon games, stones, magazines, video games, crown caps, movies, empty booze bottles, make-up, books, toiletries, role play cards as a kid, records, stickers, letters, hair colours, nail polishes, city trips, pretty cutouts and leaflets, buttons, plectrums and of course every single type of clothing and accessories that exist. Each of them escessively. I find it to be more stressing that healing these days. It’s kinda like a stimulus satiation. We litereally CAN have… Read more »


Feathers! Rocks, shells, bits of nature, bracelets, earrings, boots, lace, doilies, embroideries, scarves. I love the photo above of the radiating rocks. I just found a box of collected nature from high school, so that’s inspiring me to make a collage with a photo of me at that time. It’s kind of amazing that I still love the same things 35 years later.