An Endless Summer Love

Everyone talks about summer loves…I’ve always felt like my biggest love affair is with the season itself.

The sun demands my attention with its intense heat, and the ocean lures me in, wrapping me in its salt water embrace. It beckons me to come out and play, and then it slowly slinks away as night brings a breath of cool air. I wrap myself in soft layers and cozy up to the sand that still holds the warmth of the sun.  The days begin to shorten, only making my time with summer sweeter – I cherish every moment. I let the waves tousle my hair and drape my body with faded metal adornments, like ancient treasures I’ve uncovered from the sand. I remind myself that here on the west coast, summer never really goes away – it may get a bit darker, a bit harder to hold on to, but it will still come out of the shadows and play. I will be here when it does.

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lost-girls (5)

endless summer style inspiration

Isla One Piece, Shark Hem Cotton Cardigan.

endless summer style inspiration

Gone All Gauzy Gown, Lovebird Handpiece, Naja Necklace.

endless summer style inspiration

Stripe Black Pearl Pants, Plant Our Dreams Pullover, Lovebird Handpiece.

endless summer style inspiration

High Low Cardigan, Boyfriend Maxi, Agate and Leather Loop Necklace, Lovebird Handpiece, Tisek Cuff.

endless summer style inspiration

Agate and Leather Loop NecklaceLovebird Handpiece, Tisek Cuff, Dreamin Cami, Palladium Statement Collar.

endless summer style inspiration

Raw Hem Denim Cutoff, Agate and Leather Loop NecklaceLovebird Handpiece, Tisek Cuff, Dreamin Cami.

endless summer style inspiration

Heavenly Waters Dress, Rae Sandal.

endless summer style inspiration

Isla One Piece, Lovebird Handpiece.

lost-girls (11)

Wrap Top, FP One Embroidered Waist Maxi, Double Layer Rosary, Palladium Statement Collar.

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Photography: Ali Mitton

Hair/Makeup: Emily Nickrent

Styling: Cory Madley

Model: Cailin Russo

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Oh these photos are unreal.

These photos are amazing…I love the little layered illustrations too! :)

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Hypnotica Vintage

Beautful… loving the high-leg swimwear!

I love the heavenly waters dress it looks comfortable and effortless. Love the quote too!


What is the three stone handpiece that is shown in many of the product shots? It is NOT the Soft Chain Handpiece that you have linked many times. It is most definitely not this in any of the three colors online. The silver/turquoise one online has three circular stones around the wrist, but these are different shaped stones going from hand to wrist. Please attribute the correct item to this reference.

Wow what a beautiful model and photos!


I also am interested in the 3 stone slave bracelet/HANDpiece. Where to find it