What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

It’s staggering when you think about it, the pure variety of flowers that dot the earth, nearly enough to represent every personality type. After a trip to the farmer’s market last weekend, I was presented with a bouquet of perfect, star-shaped sunflowers. The kind you typically only see in photos and the kind I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to grow for years. As I trimmed the long, elegant stems and arranged them in a jar on my counter, I got to thinking about what this specific flower, out of all the others, says about me, and what other plants might say about their admirers.

Meaning of Flowers

Meaning of Flowers

You see, people have been giving me sunflowers for years, largely unsolicited. Up until recently, I don’t believe I’d ever even expressed my preference for the yellow-petaled flowers, but there they are … for birthdays, anniversaries … everything. Despite their often imposing stature — they can grow as tall as 12 feet — and striking silhouette, the sunflower remains a cheerful and steadfast flower, their yellow petals mirroring the fiery and passionate star of their namesake. Sunflowers follow the sun, a characteristic known as phototropism, which makes them appear to be looking towards the sky, their leaves outstretched. Sunflowers and those like them (think: Daisies) are a happy and confident flower, traits that could describe those that love them. Maybe you have a sunny disposition or the ability to make those around you feel at ease, or perhaps, like the sunflower, you seek out the light, always searching for the positive in any given situation.

Meaning of Flowers

Meaning of Flowers

These spiny, structured flowers are called sea holly and the purple-green iridescent bulb skirted by a spray of spiky petals is what caught my eye. While this architectural and sturdy bloom may appear standoffish in it’s thorniness, sea holly and it’s ilk (there are about 250 different species) have been providing comfort since the first-estimated cultivation of the plant in the 16th century: the root can be candied like ginger and administered medicinally to ease digestion. If you like flowers such as sea holly and thistle, perhaps your personality is similar to that of the Eryngium family: A tough exterior with a caring, nurturing core. It takes time to get to know eryngium maritimum, to get past the initial prickle and thorn, but once you do, the sea-loving flower (this particular variety thrives in ocean-side landscapes) rewards you with it’s unique beauty and usefulness.

Meaning of Flowers

Meaning of Flowers

While they might come off as bold and somewhat high-maintenance, zinnias are surprisingly easy to grow and reward their caretakers with their abundance and variety. Skirted in voluminous, bright petals, zinnias bring intense beauty to where they’re planted, and unlike other flowers, each color variation boasts it’s own specific meaning. Magenta is a symbol of affection, while white zinnias represent goodness (to name just a couple). This flower is all at once modern — with it’s straight, leafless stalk — and incredibly feminine — with its decoration of petals — a beguiling and unexpected combination. If you tend to enjoy flowers that are bright and lively yet startlingly complex, like the zinnia, perhaps you strive to always bring beauty wherever you go — whether it’s through decorating the world around you or making gifts for those you love — and might be known for experimenting with all sides of your personality.

Meaning of Flowers

What’s your favorite flower? What do you think that choice says about you? Let us know in the comments.

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sunflowers are definitely my fav!


My favorite flowers are tulips. They’re quite bright and come in many different colors. Also, there’s a thin layer of petals instead of many; simplicity. Not to mention their undeniable beauty. The colors sort of remind me of moods so perhaps I can switch moods from being calm to excited often. And perhaps I want to lead on a simple life filled with beauty and love. Also, happiness which is what comes from just seeing the plant. Oh, and how they unexpectedly just pop up at the beginning of Spring, like a season’s greeting to bring a smile upon your… Read more »

Oh I love this post, lovely photos!


Hypnotica Vintage

It’s such a cliche, but roses. http://www.etsy.com/shop/HypnoticaVIntage


sunflowers, daisies, plumerias and peonies :) i have a hard time deciding my favorite haha probably daisies ;) i do have them tattooed on me! love this post!!


M favorite flowers are roses, specifically white roses


I adore any type of wildflower! Love that you can stumble upon them in the most unexpected places and they make for such unique, hand-picked bouquets

xoxo Sara

This is so sweet, sort of like a floral horoscope… a florascope? Haha.
My favorite flower is the German Iris… They’re just so elegant, unique, ruffly, with a sort of solemn appearance and they only bloom for such a short time, and then they’re gone. I have just always loved them, especially the deep purple and blood red varieties.

<3 dani

This post is so cute! I love lotus blossoms and magnolias.



My favorite flower are jasmine flowers. They hold a special place in my heart <3 When I vistied San Francisco for the first time, I ended up in a park with my aunt enjoying the sunshine and eating various (and delicious) plants. She pointed out some night blooming jasmine. The smell was utterly beautiful and I picked the flower and pressed it in the nearest book. I actually still have that pressed flower! :)

peonies are my absolute favorite <3

This is so cute! I’ve read my flower horoscope which is a rose. But I like White Calla Lilies the most!
I guess I see them as pure or fresh, and happy like spring time. Roses though have to be my favorite to receive because they smell the best, the smell of roses always makes me happy. I’ve read in articles that if you’re sad or down you should keep flowers around your house because they make you feel better.

This is really interesting since my mom love zinnias! Matches her personality.

I’m obsessed with sunflowers! I love how large they can get. I love how easy they are to grow. I love to eat the seeds. But I don’t think they fit my personality at all.


Lilacs. They represent northwestern rain, and blue-green forests, and otherworldliness. At least to me.


My favorite flowers are lilacs. When I was little there was a huge lilac bush down the street from my aunts and my cousins and I would pick the flowers and bring them home. My mom is horribly allergic to lilacs so I was never allowed to have any in the house. I think they are pretty but I think maybe I like them so much is because I’m not supposed too.

Sunflowers have been my favorite for quite some time now. They are such beautiful flowers! It helps that my favorite color is yellow :D

I love marigolds because they are beautiful, are yellow which relates to my inner Leo, and while being so gorgeous and delicate they represent jealousy. I think that juxtaposition is wondrous.

xo katie at bluepoppyblog.com

I love anenomes, poppies and sweet williams. Wild Flowers basically.

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cho zin

How about starflower

Pansi are my very favorite flowerses

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john carter

The colors sort of remind me of moods so perhaps I can switch moods from being calm to excited often. And perhaps I want to lead on a simple life filled with beauty and love. Also, happiness which is what comes from just seeing the plant. Oh, and how they unexpectedly just pop up at the beginning of Spring, like a season’s greeting to bring a smile upon your face.

Very good article. My favorite yellow flowers.

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Interesting article. My favorite red flowers