Festival Fashion at Pitchfork 2014: Day One

I love how festivals have the ability to bring people together, and that is cause for a great mix of style. 

You never know what you might see when you hit the festival grounds, and it was fun to get a taste of the fashion during our first day at Pitchfork. It was a perfect summer weekend, and the sun had most people baring their shoulders and legs. Denim cutoffs, mini skirts and soft dresses seemed to be the go-to for comfort and coolness. Pitchfork definitely has a more laid back vibe to it than some of other festivals I’ve been too, which is reflected in a lot of the looks I saw. I liked seeing all of the simple dressing, with a few small touches here or there, making them unique to the wearer. Here’s what I saw this past Saturday at Pitchfork!

jean shorts and velvet top

Get The Look: Smocked Crop Top, Bandit Denim Cutoffs, Dalsland Clog, Bouquet Ankle Sock, Dreamy Daze Print Dress, Carter Lace Up Sneaker

tattoo and card shirt

all black look

close up all black look

Get The Look: Softly Softly Apron Dress, Berkley Loafer Slip OnDaisy Lane Ankle Sock

bag and plaid shoes

dude at pitchfork

spaceman tat

kitty shoes

tattoo and shirt

all white outfit

girl and tattoo

Get The Look: We The Free Road TeeGot Me Twisted Harem Pant, Belmont Leather Clog

meghan in overalls

print bag detail


Get The Look: Boyfriend Shortall, Off The Shoulder Tunic, Myla Embroidered Crossbody

jean shorts and hat

cool hat

Get The Look: FP ONE Flower Chain Top, Low Rise Relaxed Cutoff, Matador Hat, Top Gun Aviator Sunglass

photographer shoes

cute girl in crop top

jean shorts and studs

girls at pitchfork

Get The Look: Highs and Lows Poncho, Strappy Back Bra

Last three images by Olivia

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6 years ago
Hypnotica Vintage
6 years ago

Into the tie dye crop top.

6 years ago

oh. em. gee. Can we please discuss the presence of not one, but TWO stretchy “tattoo” chokers in these photos? This just made my day. Sentimental city.

<3 dani

6 years ago

Nice Style. I’m Interested Your fashion.

6 years ago

Yessss I just LOVE festival fashion! I’m moving to SF this August so you know I’ll be at tons of festivals! Maybe I’ll even make it onto one of these blog posts someday… hehe *wishful thinking*

xoxo Sara

6 years ago

Love this style!
I just made a DIY lace with fringe crop top blog entry!
Check it out: http://sweettrendsandsequins.blogspot.com/


Hypnotica Vintage
6 years ago

Seriously into those light wash jeans with the braided belt loops…
http://www.etsy.com/shop/HypnoticaVintage 15% discount code LEO2014

all the places and spaces
6 years ago

90’s chain choker on two of the girls! what up tho!

all the places and spaces
6 years ago

oh shit! the hitter dani already commented on how awesome the tattoo chokers are!!!!!!!

6 years ago

every time I click the link for day two it takes me to day one! please let me know how to see the pics from day two.

6 years ago

i want to be there too