Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of July 14–20

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free people horoscopesCANCER

June 21–July 22

Jupiter finishes up its time in Cancer this week and moves into your worth zone, where it will linger until August 2015. In the coming year, you can learn how to manage your finances and resources better, and your income and savings are apt to increase. Since overspending is also a possibility, keep an eye on splurges. Confidence in your natural talents should grow during this time, so focus on making the most out of what you have going for you. You’re segueing from the self-expansion of the past year to more concrete values and priorities. Venus is entering your sign now, adding to the focus on what you most want to draw in. With Mercury in Cancer gelling with imaginative Neptune in your faith sector, you’re able to think constructively about the future and express your vision beautifully. A family or domestic issue or an irritable mood could trip you up. If you do encounter a problem, look past the surface of it to the underlying emotion, and confront that instead.


free people horoscopesLEO

July 23–August 22

Lucky Lions! Jupiter arrives in your sign this week, kicking off a 13-month period of personal growth for you. The planet of largesse last visited Leo August 2002—August 2003 and expanded your world in some way during that time. Now you’ll begin a new cycle of self-discovery, exploring your potential and taking a bigger bite out of life. Jupiter signifies optimism, luck, generosity, breadth, freedom, courage, travel and learning, and it’s bound to bring more opportunities your way. Keep in mind that it’s up to you to seize them. Be open to the seemingly limitless possibilities of who you can become, but maintain a degree of humility, as this planet-sign combo can veer into hubris. Let Jupiter carry you closer to the truth of your whole self. At the moment, your ruler the sun in your subliminal zone is fighting with Mars in your communication sector, so you could wind up in an argument. Use this energy for active mental work like coming up with imaginative ideas.


free people horoscopesVIRGO

August 23–September 22

Jupiter’s entry into your subconscious sector this week heralds a year of positive introspection leading to greater self-knowledge. You’ll be more open to learning about hidden sides of yourself and could grow to accept your own imperfections as well as those of others. Compassion will take root in you when you understand that we are all connected. Spiritual wisdom can be gained through discovering a new practice or a new teacher. Seek the truth within, listening to your intuition, your dreams, your imagination, your soul. Free something inside you that has been suppressed. Your ruler Mercury is in your group zone and clicking with Neptune in your relationship angle now, so communicating and socializing should go pretty smoothly. However, the sun is also in your group zone and quarreling with Mars in your worth house, introducing the possibility of a conflict over money, possessions, values or priorities. Avoid stubbornness and taking things personally, and spend time with people you’re happiest to be around.


free people horoscopesLIBRA

September 23–October 22

Aspirational Jupiter leaves your career angle this week, taking up residence in your hopes-and-humanity sector for the next 13 months. This will be a time of shifting gears and beginning to envision new goals. If you expand your circle and mingle with a wider variety of people, you’ll broaden your perspective. You can learn a great deal from others, including friends and associates, and your faith in people should increase. You’ll benefit from the generosity of your network and will hopefully feel supported and uplifted. Your ideals are due to expand during this phase, inspiring you to make the world a better place. Your ruler Venus is just crossing into your career angle now, giving your public and professional image a boost and helping you to curry favor with parents or higher-ups. But with the sun in that house battling Mars in Libra, you could cross swords with an authority figure if you’re not careful. Divert this energy, and let your ambition give you a push in the right direction.


free people horoscopesSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

This week, boundless Jupiter crosses your ambition angle, where it will hang for the next 13 months, encouraging you to climb the ladder. Optimism can inspire you to set your sights higher and take on a leadership or teaching role. Your efforts are likely to be rewarded, possibly in the form of a promotion or a whole new job. You’ll feel increasingly confident in your ability to achieve goals and less apt to keep a low profile. A career mentor could help you find or follow your path. The other big news: Saturn is turning direct in Scorpio, where he’s been retrograde since March 2. During this time, the work that you’ve put into redefining yourself slowed and shifted. The taskmaster planet was reviewing your personal development from the previous year and a half and making a course correction that should become more apparent in the next five months. All this self-work isn’t so much about the version of you that your ego is invested in as it is about the you that the universe intends you to be.


free people horoscopesSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Your ruler Jupiter only changes signs about once a year, and this week it lands in the part of your chart that it’s most at home in, the house that naturally governs all things Sag. It will stay there until August 2015, luring you to learn, travel, philosophize and broaden your perspective. Expose yourself to new things and people, and cultivate fresh beliefs based on those experiences. Aim high in your quest for wisdom and growth. Orient yourself toward the future, and build up faith in your vision. Have the courage to become a more conscious person. Explore the unfamiliar and expand your mind. In the shorter term, Mercury and the sun are in your depth sector, turning your attention to investigation and closeness. It’s easier than usual for you to ponder and express your deepest emotions, so you might want to prioritize one-on-one time with someone you trust. Group relations are bound to be stickier, though. If you find it hard to cooperate, don’t push others to do so.


free people horoscopesCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

Idealistic Jupiter glides into your sharing sector this week, setting up shop there for the next 13 months. Money from outside sources such as tax refunds, inheritance, loans or grants should flow more freely, and investing in others could also pay off for you. A beneficial business partnership or intimate relationship is a distinct possibility, so be open to merging. You’ll feel more optimistic about closeness and trust, making this easier. You can also learn a lot from intensive inner work in the coming year, bringing you to a greater understanding of yourself and renewing your faith. The other big news for Caps this week: Your ruler Saturn is turning direct after being retrograde for the past four and a half months. You’ve felt fenced in, and although you may get the sense of movement now, it’s apt to feel like slow motion. You need to divest your ego when it comes to networking, friendship, new goals, teamwork or your role in a group and align yourself with the maturation process taking place there.


free people horoscopesAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

Beneficent Jupiter crosses your partnership angle this week, foretelling a year of positive focus on close relationships. You’re more likely than usual to meet foreigners and people who open up a new world to you, and you’re also apt to connect with someone who will teach or mentor you. You may find yourself bonding with someone very different from you, and you stand to learn a lot from others during this time. You’ll not only learn through relationships; you’re also bound to learn about relationships. You should have more luck connecting with others and will benefit from their generosity. Your faith in people will hopefully increase, generating affirmative personal interactions. In the short term, your job, health, routine or way of doing things merits your attention. Seamlessly blending your highest values and priorities with one of these issues will pay off. In contrast, your drive for more freedom and independence isn’t quite in line with taking care of business responsibly, and you may need to adjust your actions accordingly.


free people horoscopesPISCES

February 19–March 20

Aim-high Jupiter begins a 13-month stay in your efficiency zone this week, setting you up for positive changes that can improve your quality of life. Learning to structure your day better and to be more disciplined will help you get more out of life. You may take on additional responsibilities or gain more freedom in your job, and you might also score a better gig or learn new skills that will advance your career. Traveling for work is another possibility. You should have the physical vitality to pursue your goals, and faith in what you’re doing will also carry you forward. If you’d like to become more knowledgeable about health or fitness—or improve your own—this is a great time for that. Jupiter can maximize your productivity, enabling you to turn a corner. In the meantime, Mercury in your heart house is syncing with Neptune in Pisces now, enabling you to express your feelings and your creativity. Take advantage of this opportunity, and put something out there.



free people horoscopesARIES

March 21–April 19

With Jupiter heading into your joy sector this week and preparing to camp out there until next summer, you’ve got plenty to smile about. Jupiter has an expansive effect wherever it goes, so more fun, love, humor, happiness, creativity, romance and self-expression should be in the cards in the coming year. All of these areas will also teach you something, since Jupiter rules knowledge. You’ll have the courage to express your individuality and your feelings, and your faith in the unique value of your contribution to the world will hopefully grow. Be generous and fearless with your heart. Your road to personal fulfillment will broaden before you, giving you the freedom to play with the possibilities. In the meantime, the sun in your foundation angle is battling your ruler Mars in your one-on-one house, implying that your mood or an old emotional pattern could spark conflict in a relationship. Don’t sweep your feelings under the rug; bring them out into the open.



free people horoscopesTAURUS

April 20–May 20

Jupiter crosses your domestic angle this week, signaling a year of building your emotional security; improving your home life; feeling more positive about the past; learning to understand your feelings better and comfort yourself; and possibly moving to a bigger place or somewhere far away. Hopefully Jupiter will also increase your inner peace and strengthen the support you get from family. Your family will be inclined toward generosity, so if you need something from them, ask. You may feel a pull to put down roots, establishing a sense of belonging that grounds you. Your ruling planet Venus is also changing signs now. She’ll be in your cognition-and-communication sector for the next few weeks, making your thoughts and interactions more pleasant. During this time, make a point of noticing the beauty you encounter every day. See the world in a more loving light. The sun’s clash with Mars could spell a clash between how you envision something and how it’s playing out. Let your mentality motivate you to take action that closes the gap.


free people horoscopesGEMINI

May 21–June 20

No-limits Jupiter cruises into your environment sector this week—Gemini’s natural house in the chart. This expansive planet’s yearlong stay will increase your overall busyness, smooth relations with siblings, help you travel more and get you to contemplate the future. You stand to learn a lot from a brother or sister and from everyday encounters. Your immediate surroundings will seem to hold more possibilities than before, and you’ll find inspiration close to home. Information should pour in, and if you push yourself to grow beyond habitual thought patterns, you can reach a new level of understanding. Honest communication and optimistic thinking work in your favor in the coming year. Right now, your ruler Mercury is in your worth zone and harmonizing with dreamy Neptune in your ambition angle. Get clear on your values, priorities and resources, and direct that laser focus at a vital goal. Renew your faith in your higher purpose, with your spirit, not your ego, propelling you onward and upward.


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9 years ago

Again, love the advice worked in, this horoscoope series is the first I’ve ever felt is spot on.

9 years ago

“All this self-work isn’t so much about the version of you that your ego is invested in as it is about the you that the universe intends you to be.”

This sentence is interesting but what does it actually mean? :)

9 years ago

Looks like an awesome week up ahead! This is the only horoscope that I read regularly.

9 years ago

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