Greetings From Chicago!

Chi-town, here we come! We arrive in Chicago today for Pitchfork Music Festival, and the rest of the team and I are so excited for the next few days ahead.

From festival coverage, to exploring the city, we have a full agenda planned, and we would love if you joined us for some of it!


festival party


Tonight, we have a special event at Free People Southport, where one of our very own FP girls will be performing with her band, The Island Of Misfit Toys. We will be hosting a Backyard Session with them during the event, and you can enter for a chance to win tickets to Pitchfork if you don’t yet have any! Join us from 6-8 pm for fun tunes and good vibes!

Throughout the weekend, I will have my camera in hand to capture everything that takes place. we’ll be heading to Fort Sheridan on Friday to have a special FP Me shoot with Free People Highland Park, and then Saturday and Sunday we will be hitting the festival grounds! I’ll be walking around shooting festival fashion for the blog, and making my way up to the pit to capture some of my favorite performers, live and up close. Be sure to come up and say hi if you see me! Chances are you might make your way onto the blog ;)

jana with camera

See you guys at Pitchfork!

Follow FP Jana on Twitter. 

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9 years ago

Oh wow! Welcome to Chicago! Wish I could be around to meet you in person. Enjoy all the richness of Chicago. Love this Blog.

9 years ago

WISHING I was in Chicago.