Musical Highlights at Pitchfork

The lineup at Pitchfork was like a goody bag, filled with amazing talent across all genres.

It’s always a treat to see so many great bands play over the course of a weekend. I was really excited to see some of my favorites, and getting the opportunity to photograph them was an awesome experience.  It’s such a rush to be in the photo pit with all of the other photographers, trying to capture the best shot. I worked my way up front and was able to shoot Dum Dum Girls, Danny Brown, St. Vincent, Empress Of, and Tune-Yards. They all have such an incredible stage presence, and I thoroughly enjoyed being up front and feeling the energy they all put out. Here are some of the highlights from an amazing year at Pitchfork!

Dum Dum Girls

dum dum girls pitchfork

girl on drums

girl with guitar

dum dum girls

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Empress Of

empress of singing

shaking hair

dude playing in empress of


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St. Vincent

st. vincent


st. vincent

people watching


playing guitar

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girl tune yards drummer

tuneyards singing

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Danny Brown

danny brown

danny brown on stage

danny brown

crowd shot

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Who was your favorite performer at Pitchfork this year? Let us know in the comments!

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6 years ago

super cool, loving these photos.

6 years ago

Cool…music and fashion its great!

6 years ago

The tips of Danny browns hair in the second to last photo are electric <3 awesome capture of light!

6 years ago

Ah these photos are sick. If anyone wants to see my DIY fringe crop top. check out my blog.

6 years ago

Question for anyone who may be able to help… how was the bottom photograph taken? Is this an effect or an app? I totally love it. A tremendous thank you to anyone who can assist! :)

6 years ago

An online editor that can do that effect is “Ribbet.
Not that convenient if you’re just looking to edit from your phone.
Though through “Ribbet” you can use the effect “Focal Zoom”.

5 years ago

I had never heard of a band called Dum Dum Girls, but i do know of a famous band here in Norway called DumDum Boys.