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Acne. It’s just something that happens when we’re younger. It’ll go away on it’s own. Right? But on my 26th birthday, when my acne of 13 years was at its worst to date, I must say… I begged to differ. It seems that we’re taught that acne has 2 causes: a hormonal imbalance, or an improper skincare routine. We’re taught that, as long as we keep our skin clean, acne should subside once we hit adulthood. But what I think people often fail to realize is that acne many times develops as a product of your body expelling toxins from within. Your liver can only handle so much, and when it’s hit with more impurities than it can take on, it often pushes them out through your skin in the form of blemishes. So what do we do? We change our angle. No longer is the focus on slathering our skin with products in an attempt to diminish red bumps. Let’s go straight to the roots and start from within. I recently made a bunch of changes with what I’ve been ingesting in order to better my health in other ways, and I have been so psyched to find my skin clear itself right up. It’s almost unbelievable! A pleasant surprise to say the very least. Here are my tips on clearing your skin naturally. My one additional piece of advice, though, is not to take these on all at once – it might be too much detoxing for your body to handle. Just do it a little at a time – and don’t get discouraged if your skin worsens a bit at first. When you detoxify, the initial surge of toxins are known to make matters worse as they’re being expelled – just for a bit! how to get clear skin naturally Ditch the damn chemicals. No more benzoyl peroxide. No more salicylic acid. No – stop it – no. I used to be addicted to these chemicals – my skin actually seemed to build up a tolerance to them, so I’d have to use more and more to see any results at all. But that all changed once I had a little revelation. Not only are “skin-clearing” chemicals like these incredibly drying, they’re also… chemicals! They’re toxins. As soon as you put them on your skin, they’ll be absorbed into your body for your liver to process and get rid of – likely in the form of acne – which is essentially the whole reason you’re using them to begin with. A vicious cycle. Use natural topical solutions. Instead of using chemicals to clean your skin, use gentle oil cleansers that come from the earth. Yes, oil. I was freaked out at first thinking that my skin would break out from the oil, but it did just the opposite. Oil combats oil by mimicking that which is produced by your skin, causing your body to stop overproducing it. Plus, it leaves your face feeling incredibly soft and hydrated. I use the ayurvedic facial cleansers by Aromabliss, which are made in small batches in Philadelphia. You can also use tea tree oil as a spot treatment – it has properties that kill fungus and bacteria, as well as reduce some allergic reactions on the skin. Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are two other incredible natural skincare products to try! how to get clear skin naturally Juice, juice, juice. Fresh vegetable juice is an incredibly efficient way to treat your body with a wave of beautiful nutrients. I’ve been juicing 2-3 times a day for the past few weeks, and it feels incredible. In addition to clearing your skin, you’ll be offering your body a multitude of other amazing benefits, depending on the vegetables you use! Try to focus on leafy greens like kale and dandelion greens, as well as those with a high water content like cucumber and celery. how to get clear skin naturally Cut back on sugar and dairy. I’ve had to temporarily remove these things from my diet for other reasons, but to my delight, it turns out that a dairy-less, sugar-less diet is an excellent recipe for clear skin! Both dairy and sugar (including starchy carbs) cause spikes in certain hormones that cause acne. You don’t necessarily need to avoid them altogether, but you should certainly experiment with limiting your intake. If you find yourself craving carbohydrates, go for organic whole grains, or natural sugars in the form of fruits – but be sure not to overindulge. how to get clear skin naturally Drink water. Just drink it. A lot of it. Dehydration is often a contributing factor to acne, so make sure you get your fill of water every day. Aside from hydrating your body, water helps carry nutrients to your skin cells, and it helps excrete toxins from that beautiful body of yours. how to get clear skin naturally Detoxify further. Sometimes toxins need a bit of a push to be removed from your body, and you can use calcium bentonite clay or activated charcoal to help with just that. When ingested, these will soak up toxins like a giant sponge and help move them out of your system. Just be absolutely certain that what you’re using is food grade, and do a bit of research to make sure you’re taking them properly! Oh yeah, you can use both of these in homemade skin-clearing face masks, too. :) What are your tips for clearing skin naturally? Please share the wealth! Follow Brigette on Instagram, and have a look at her blog and Etsy shop!


  1. My trick for removing pimples is lemon, baking soda, Bio-oil and water. I normally have clear-ish skin and don’t get pimples everyday, but there was a time where I just broke out and new pimples kept coming everyday or so. I didn’t want to use store bought stuff except for Bio-oil since that really works for me. After washing my face I would exfoliate with the baking soda. After rinsing, I would use the lemon juice as a toner. I would leave the lemon juice on my face for a while, like maybe 5-10 minutes, then I would rinse again. Then I would use Bio-oil to moisturize my face. The water is for drinking. Always, always be hydrated. After I started this treatment, the pimples immediately stopped renewing. I was left with a pimple scarred face, but it eventually faded while doing this treatment. I took a while for me, maybe 6 months? But, it was effective I’m back to my clear face now. I do this treatment maybe 2-3 times per week, Never do it everyday since that could be harmful and painful.

    I hope this would help, seeing as it was really effective for me. But everyone has a different skin type, so do research!

    just get the sample pack for 5 dollars–skinfood, lip stuff, face mask. the sample pack is TINY and it lasted me for a month and a half, at least!!! JUST TRY ITTTT there is absolutely NOTHING unnatural about this thing.
    just the TINYEST bit twice a day and your good to go!!!

    also, check out my pictures, if you will…

  3. Hello! Applause from over here: a quite complete list you’ve compiled. Thank you! I want to add one more element that has helped my skin tremendously: organic Vitex Berry. Do a little research and you may find yourself adding it to your regimen as well!

    Thanks again for this list! Hope your skin is seeing its best.

  4. This information really needs to reach young teens before they fall into the trap of high street rubbish.. I had years of heartache and expensive light treatment for the damage which generic “skin care” brands did to my skin, but natural remedies really do work best!
    I’ve recently switched to washing my face with a mix of honey and lemon essential oil every night, and ground almonds with lavender in the morning, following with aloe gel as toner and jojoba oil to moisturise. So simple, and in the long run so much cheaper than most high-end natural skin products on the market.
    I can also vouch for bentonite clay; any time I feel as though my body has taken in too many toxins I make a face mask from it and it really helps to draw out any nasties which may be plotting against my face!
    My skin is still balancing itself out though, which I blame mostly on my student-esque lifestyle, but it’s glowing like never before and healing has really accelerated.

  5. I agree with the suggestions in the article. It is so important to tackle the issue from the inside out, although there are effective ways to combat it externally.

    I’ve found great results using raw honey masks, green tea masks (green tea is great internally too), and aloe vera masks. Drinking plenty of water is key and I like to have at least one ACV “cocktail” (one-two tbsp of ACV mixed with 8 oz. of pure water) a day.

    I use witch hazel as a toner and have found that a spritz of rose water on the face really calms my skin, especially in the summer heat. Vitamin E oil does wonders because of the antioxidants — the higher the I.U., the better. It’s hard to do, but keeping my (dirty) hands off my face is helpful. It’s also a good idea to keep pillowcases freshly laundered and avoid direct contact between one’s face and phone, or other objects that might be oily or otherwise dirty.

    Ultimately, it will take time. Be gentle and patient with your skin throughout the process.

  6. From abstaining from bread, pasta and sweets during Lent this year, I learned that bread and pasta are indeed what break me out 95% of the time. The other 5% is due to hormones and my hair products getting on my face. And although I love donuts probably more than Homer Simpson, I’ve had to cut them out almost completely along with pasta. It’s tough but waking up to a monster cyst on my face is a harsher reality.

  7. Great article! I would recommend a scrub with brown sugar. All the dead skin is cleared and then you can add tea tree oil and a conditioning oil after. Skin will feel amazing.

  8. Brigette – when you ditched prescription topical creams (benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, etc) how did your skin react? Did you ditch them cold turkey, or was it more of a gradual process? I’ve been wanting to go against the dermatologist’s advice for a while, but I’m nervous my skin will go crazy. Also, any favorite makeup products you use to coverup acne/scars? Thanks so much for the post, loved it! xo

  9. I’m all for natural skin care, but please stop spreading the myth that pimples are the body’s way of getting rid of toxins. It’s not. A pimple is a bacterial infection. The bacteria are able to live on your skin because your skin is hospitable to them. Why? Because your hormones are out of balance causing you to have oily skin that doesn’t shed properly. Why are your hormones out of balance? Most likely because of toxins, toxins that are processed by your liver. Not only do these toxins put extra pressure on your liver because it has to break them down, these toxins can also fool your body into thinking they are hormones. Google “xenoestrogens” and “Estrogen dominance”. Basically there are TONS of pollutants out there that mimick estrogen, tricking your body into thinking it has more estrogen than it made. This can in turn cause your androgens to be out of balance which causes oily skin. Your liver and hormonal balances are directly linked since your liver has to break hormones down. But please stop perpetuating the myth the zits are tiny little packets of toxins that are being pushed out of your face. Take it from a natural-loving biochemistry graduate.

  10. I agree with Evelyn; there needs to be some more scientific credibility to these types of articles. I’m all for ACV and oils. My favorite oil is rosehip oil; it really makes my skin glow. With that said, reducing stress and getting enough sleep are really, really important factors for clear skin. These two factors are, of course, linked to hormone balance as well. And a really important thing to remember about juicing: it should a BONUS to your diet, and it should NOT supplement meals. Juices really lack fibers, which are key to controlling sugar levels!

  11. propolis is a miracle for acne. it is naturally antifungal, antibacterial, and it heals the skin like magic. you can use propolis soap to wash face/body (backne – been there!) or the propolis extract on the pimple to dry it while killing the harmful bacteria and not leaving a scar.

  12. Oil cleansing is amazing, and I don’t use conventional moisturizer either. I use pure jojoba oil, sometimes with lavender and tea tree essential oils if I’m breaking out and my skin looks irritated. There are so many natural (and cheap!) alternatives to the stuff sold at any regular drug store. But first and foremost, ALWAYS just ditch the chemicals!

  13. Evelyn – Thank you so much for the insight!!

    Meghan – It was kind of half and half. I used to overload my skin with chemicals, and when I started to learn about more natural ways to do it, I’d dabble here and there to try things out. My chemical-filled-product use went down a bunch, but it wasn’t until I got ahold of the ayurvedic cleansers that I suddenly dropped everything else I was using. My skin certainly didn’t get worse when I made the switch, but it didn’t really get better, either. It honestly didn’t make a noticeable improvement until I changed my diet over these past few months. As for the makeup question — I haven’t found any favorites yet, but vitamin E seems to be helping my acne scars fade :)

  14. Great recommendations. I use coconut oil religiously on my face after realizing how well it worked. It just takes time, especially when you’re coming from commercial cleaners. It usually gets worse before it gets better, but its worth it in the end.

  15. I have serious problem with going dairy-free. I feel sick and I really hate taste of soy and almond milk. And apparently I love to drink glass of whole milk every day.
    The question is- what to do then? Acne won’t go without getting rid of dairy? How much milk daily is ok?

  16. I have stopped using chemical-based products too and it has done WONDERS for my skin. I think I had built a tolerance also. I never would have guessed! now I use an activated charcoal cleanser by shamanuti, and I swipe a little diluted tea tree oil on my face after cleansing, and I have been mostly breakout-free for the first time in…over 10 years. I’ll never go back to those “kits” and “spot treatments.”

  17. I’m another non-dairy convert. I would get horrible, scarring acne cysts on my chin mostly (I’m 27). I take THE BEST care of my skin so I knew it couldn’t be anything coming from outside my body. Fed up with three huge acne cysts on my face at once, I stopped dairy cold turkey and haven’t looked back. I haven’t had a single pimple since then (almost 4 months)! I didn’t think it could be just one thing, but there you go. Years of fighting acne with every antibiotic, prescription treatment and none of it worked (my derm recommended me going on Accutane; luckily I refused).

    Be sure to stock your fridge with lots of non-dairy food (check ALL the ingredients; it hides in a LOT of food, including my favorite dumplings! :c) and take vitamin D and calcium supps. It took about 3 weeks before I saw full results, so stick with it! That 3 week mark was when I washed my face and started crying because for the first time in my life, my skin was SO SMOOTH–there were NO bumps, big or small.

    It’s hard to stick to (I’ve had to say ‘no’ to SO MANY slices of birthday cake! :c) but WORTH IT. If anyone has any questions about going dairy-free, please feel free to ask me via my tumblr: :)

  18. I also agree with Evelyn! Acne might feel toxic, but it’s not.

    This study is pretty interesting: . It talks about acne and the glycemic load of what you eat and how they are related – a Low-GI diet can help clear up acne, kind of related to what you said in the article. So when you stop eating sugary things, refined carbs, and other things that are high GI, that is probably why it improves. yay science.

  19. I kind of wish you’d mention how dangerous using oils on your skin can be. Concentrated essential oils can further irritate skin and even burn it.

    And I think there is great information in this and it’s pointless to complain about it on your blog. But I’m tired of the whole “stop living a shitty gross lifestyle” undertone for acne cures. Maybe not eating a piece of cake helps some people, but it isn’t a solution for everyone. What helped me was seeing a esthetician.

  20. It’s a bit ridiculous to suggest that salicylic acid isn’t natural and should’t be used. Its actually derived from Willow Tree Bark

  21. Getting rid of dairy works to get rid of acne because dairy is full of estrogen and other hormones which can put your own off balance. I used to want to be a veterinarian and worked in a dairy barn for a short period of time to get experience working with large animals. It was true that they injected cows with hormones to force them to produce more milk. They would jab the cow with the needle and then a minute or two later, they would milk it. Then they pretend that it doesn’t enter the milk and they sell it to people. You also shouldn’t replace dairy with soy. Soy also has estrogens in it that put your own hormones off balance. Soy should only be eaten by people with low-estrogen problems, which most people are not even close to having that issue!! Flax, dairy and soy are foods with the highest amounts of estrogen, followed by legumes and grains. You can find lists of specific foods online. You can also take DIM supplements to take the estrogens out of your body.

  22. NEEM OIL IS THE BEST! It’s naturally antibacterial and it almost completely cleared up my skin in a couple days. Whenever I don’t use it for a couple days I break out, but then when a go back to using it every night my skin is clear. It’s the oil pressed from the Neem evergreen tree, and surprisingly it smells super weird, but totally worth it. You can find organic neem oil at Whole Foods.

  23. You don’t know how much this post helped me. I have struggled with acne since I was eleven or twelve years old and am now sixteen years old. It would go away for a while, then flair up and be so bad that I would be totally upset and cut myself off from even going out if I could prevent it. Right now my face is in that phase. My cheeks and chin are horribly broken out for the first time in months. The only beacon of light is that I can cover it up with makeup, but makeup washes off and acne is still acne. I started using Noxzema. It comes in a big blue container, kind of looks gross and like cottage cheese (ew!), and smells like aloe. It’s used for sunburns, too. And after a few weeks, the little acne I had did go away. I didn’t have much of it, just some pimples here and there that I wanted to get rid of. But recently, my face has been breaking out… EVERYWHERE. I have naturally sensitive skin and even break out on my back and chest, too, but I have never been as badly broken out as I am now. I thought it was hormones, because I’m still growing up and what not. But this is really bad and nothing is helping. Dermatologists, doctors, home remedies, the whole nine yards. I stumbled on this blog while looking for fashion advice (ironic, huh?) And upon looking on these blogs, I am so fortunate for doing so. My diet is literally filled with dairy. I even drink an extra glass of whole milk in the morning because I am calcium-insufficient. Seriously, I eat yogurt, ice cream, you name it. I am going to try removing dairy and sugar from my diet for a few weeks and see how it works out. I am excited because it also gives me an excuse to stop eating junk (I know, any reason is a good reason, but I am a chocolate fiend). I am anticipating that it’ll work out because, like most of the commenters, I have had acne horribly for my whole life. Everyone is different, but if anyone’s skin is as bad as mine and cutting dairy out of their diet worked for them, I’m hoping it’ll work for me. If all else fails, I will try some of the oils that everyone listed. The chemicals from all of the ointments and topical treatments I’ve used – prescription pills and ointments, home remedies, and substances from the pharmacy – have hurt my skin so badly…. On that note, does anyone know oils that would help with scars? Thank you…

  24. Oily skin usually looks slippery and shiny and has a greasy texture. This type of skin is prone to acne. Oily skin benefits from periodic herbal steam treatments and clay masks.

  25. If you wear makeup, be sure to take it ALL OFF before you go to bed. Leaving you’re makeup on while you sleep breaks you out incredibly. Change your pillow cases once a week because the oil from your hair and skin can leave build-up in the material and it rubs off onto your face.

  26. great article! i’m a teenager so i’m always on a lookout for clear skin. Do this artcile work for balckheads and whiteheads? Does anyone have any natural suggestions for me? Thanks if u do :)

  27. Products with Saliclic acid work best for me…

    I also use 6% Glycolic acid cream every night.. It helps to purify skin and keep new pimples from popping out

  28. Hi,
    I am only 22 and that is helping a lot, I really enjoyed reading the post
    I found good topics here also and wanted to share it with you find it interesting too
    Keep sharing, can’t wait to read more

  29. I have serious problem with going dairy-free. I feel sick and I really hate taste of soy and almond milk. And apparently I love to drink glass of whole milk every day.
    The question is- what to do then? Acne won’t go without getting rid of dairy? How much milk daily is ok?
    problem, solution, plan b, b plan

  30. Interesting blog , good information is provided for oil free clear skin and various tips to cure oily skin . Was very useful , thanks for sharing the blog.

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