2014 Pitchfork Playlist!

As Pitchfork Music Festival nears, I am getting more and more excited about the lineup! I’ve never been to this festival before, but one thing I already love is the variety of artists that will be playing. I need music to get me through the day, and I’m a fan of many different genres. I was pumped when I saw some of my favorite people on this years lineup. From the ever inspiring Grimes (always a favorite), to the fun and funky sound of Tune-Yards, I’m ready to hop about Union Park and catch some amazing performances. And, if anyone knows me, they know I’m a huge rap fan – don’t be surprised if you see me up front at Kendrick Lamar or DJ Spinn’s set. Give me good beats and space to dance, and I’m a happy girl.

Here’s a fun playlist of artists who will be at Pitchfork that’s helping me get ready for the festival. Who else is going? Let us know who you are exited to see!

pitchfork playlist

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Loving this playlist, makes me wish I had tickets to go there!



Only WISH that I was going! Someday! For now, I’ll anxiously await to see everyone’s amazing festival outfits while I drool over that line-up haha

xoxo Sara — http://www.restlessnomads.com


Such a pity that Rdio isn’t available in my country… I hope soon I will have the chance to listen to all those playlists you are uploading :)